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A perfect section for players who are new to Redemption! Fulfill the knowledge in this category and you'll be a fanatic.

Often players want to know what's the best way that they can get started? There are numerous advantages in improving your experience. Knowing where to Train, what gear to use and so on.

Additionally, players can use commands so they can get around. Have a question? Join the 'Help' clan chat, interact with players on the forums, If you still need help you can always ask questions or talk to people on our Discord and if all else fails you can always make a support ticket assistance.

Upon logging in for the first time, new players get to choose the type of Game Mode that they will desire. Once a game mode is chosen it cannot be undone. Our 3 Game Modes are Normal, Hardcore and IronMan.

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Firstly, we'd like to thank you for having the interest in donating to our server. Here at Redemption, we ensure that users who donate get the most out of their spending's. To the best of our knowledge, and by the suggestions and feedback that our community shares it is strongly important for our management to know that players can spend their money with satisfaction! To view your benefits of donating click here.

As a method of entertainment and enjoyment of winning games of chance, Redemption has a variety of different gambling alternatives, you can get to the dicezone by typing ::dicezone.

Clue scrolls are obtained by fighting specific NPC's. Clue scrolls are a side task that can be completed at any time. They offer great rewards for completing its puzzles.

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The Miscellaneous page is one of the most popular pages of our wikia which include various categories of rarity, rewards and history.