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The BFG9000 is a top tier range weapon that deals AOE Damage. It does insane damage and attacks extremely quickly, it's one of the best range weapons in-game besides the Descimator9000 for multi-target ranging. You can get this weapon by purchasing it at the Donation Store for only $300 USD. It's twice as fast as miniguns and will blow away most range weapons in game. The BFG9000 has it's own offhand which applies double the damage!

Special Stats

  • 10% Drop Rate Bonus
  • 10% Double Drop Bonus
  • 10% Luck Bonus

For everyone 1 hit a regular minigun does the BFG9000 does 2. (Double Hits)

It can be obtained by upgrading the Ak-47 Asiimov, M4A4 Asiimov, and AWP Asiimov with a hard difficulty at the Resource Trader.

Currently, this item is obtainable from the following boxes:

At the moment, the price of BFG9000 is roughly: 250-400M Bronze Coins.

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Ranged Mainhand slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +0 +0
Slash +0 +0
Crush +0 +0
Magic +0 +0
Range +5000 +0
Special bonuses
Melee +0
Ranged +4500
Magic +0.0%
Prayer +0