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What is Battlegrounds?

Battleground Portal

Battlegrounds is a last man standing minigame, fully customized by Redemption.

New BG.png
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Battlegrounds Rules !

Within the Battlegrounds there's a few rules which MUST be obeyed, to keep the game fun !

  • No Teaming ! (This could get you disqualified at events)
  • No PJ'ing ! (Attacking another player when they're starting to fight or just ended one).

How do I get to Battlegrounds?

Battlegrounds Waiting Room.png

You need to type in the command ;;bg or ;;arcade. Both will get you towards the room where the BattleGrounds portal stands.
In order for you to be able to enter, you will need to have removed all of your equipment, emptied your inventory into your bank and also have to type ;;callpet. (to make sure you don't have a pet out)

It has begun

You have entered the Battlegrounds ! What to do now ! First of all, you will notice you have received a gear setup ! Equip it all.

Staying Alive

The next section is based on what you need to do to stay alive !

Grimy Keys

Grimy Key.png

Grimy keys are used to open up the Battleground chests which are scattered all over the map. These chests can give any kind of armour, weapons, potions, food and even runes.

Battlegrounds Chest Loot.png

Getting Keys

How Could one obtain Keys though?

  • At the start of the game. You start with 2 keys no matter which gear set-up you receive.
  • Killing other Players (Any player = 1 / Target player = 2)
  • Killing the poisonous spiders - They drop the keys at a rate of 40% (unless you get a Ring of Chance)


Refreshments can make the difference of life and death. They are the things that replenish your Hitpoints or Prayer or...


Battlegrounds Fountain.png

In front of the main entrance, there's a fountain, this fountain can be used every 5 minutes to restore everything;

  • Prayer
  • Hitpoints
  • Stats
  • Special attack.


Battlegrounds Altar.png

Inside the house, up in the North, there's an altar where you can restore your prayer points for free.
This is very convenient as you would no longer need Prayer potions.
Also useful for when you're in need of a quick prayer restore when fighting.
Keep in mind ! The Altar also has a 5 Minute cooldown!


What are the ways to get damage? Let's get into this deeper shall we.

  • Other Players: Well, this doesn't need further explaining I believe...
  • Spiders: The Spiders can hit back when you're trying to steal a Grimy Key ! So be aware !
  • Fireballs: Random Fireballs will come from the skies ! Which can hit up to 50 DAMAGE ! So make sure you keep your health Above that at any cost when running around (also inside).
  • Standing Still: When standing still, you'd get hit 1's by the server, so keep running.
  • Game takes too long: Everybody gets hit 1's consistently.

Tips and Tricks

  • Once the Battlegrounds starts, Nobody can attack each other for a decent amount of time. Be smart and use both of your keys to get the best gear possible !
  • When opening the 2nd chest make sure to use your overload and get your hp up by eating karambwans first, as they can't be used to combo-heal you.
  • When you have drunk an Overload potion, you can drink saradomin brews without decreasing your stats, and they wont stall your account so you can keep fighting, unlike with sharks.
  • If you have your spellbook on lunars, you have a chance to get vengeance runes (death, earth, astral) from chests, although the Vengeance isn't as powerful as in OSRS. Keep this in mind.

Gear Guide

Battlegrounds Gear
Melee Mage Range
Rune Full set (Chain & Platebody) Mystic Set Spined Set
Granite Set Enchanted Set Black Dragonhide Set
Dragon Full Set (Chain & Platebody) Skeletal Set Karil's Set
Verac Set Infinity Set Armadyl Set
Guthans Set Lunar Set Morrigan's Set
Dharok Set Ahrim's Set Pernix Set
Torag's Set Zurial's Set /
Bandos Set Virtus Set /
Statius's Set (For Defence)
Vesta's Set (For Accuracy)
/ /
Torva Set / /

Helm Body Legs
Rune Full Helm Rune Chainbody - Platebody Rune Platelegs
/ Granite Platebody Granite Platelegs
Warrior Helmet
Fighter Hat
Fighter Platebody /
Berserker Helmet
Helmet of Neitiznot
/ /
Dragon Full Helm Dragon Chainbody - Platebody Dragon Platelegs
Verac's Helm Verac's Platebody Verac's skirt
Guthan's Helm Guthan's Platebody Guthan's Platelegs
Dharok's Helm Dharok's Platebody Dharok's Platelegs
Torag's Helm Torag's Platebody Torag's Platelegs
/ Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets
Statius Full Helm (Damage) Statius Platebody (Damage) Statius Plateskirt (Damage)
Vesta's Full Helm (Defence) Vesta's Platebody (Defence) Vesta's Plateskirt (Defence)
/ Torva Platebody Torva Platelegs

Helm Body Legs
Healer Hat
Mystic Hat
Mystic Body Mystic Skirt
Enchanted Hat Enchanted Body Enchanted Skirt
Skeletal Hat Skeletal Body Skeletal Skirt
Infinity Hat Infinity Body Infinity Skirt
Lunar Hat Lunar Body Lunar Skirt
Ahrim's Hat Ahrim's Body Ahrim's Skirt
Zurial's Hat Zurial's Body Zurial's Skirt
Virtus Hat Virtus Body Virtus Skirt

Ranged Gear detailed
Helm Body Legs
/ / Penance Skirt
Spined Hat Spined Body Spined Skirt
Robin Hood Hat / /
Black Dragonhide Body Black Dragonhide Chaps
Karil's Coif Karil's Body Karil's Skirt
Archer Helm / /
Armadyl Helm Armadyl's Body Armadyl's Chaps
/ Morrigan's Body Morrigan's Chaps
Pernix Coif Pernix Body Pernix Chaps

Granite Maul (SA)
Dragon Mace (SA)
Dragon Halberd (SA)
Dragon Dagger
Obsidian Maul
Guthan's Spear
Verac's Flail
Barrelchest Anchor (SA)
Dragon Battleaxe
Dragon Scimitar
Zamorakian Spear
Abyssal Whip
Zammorak / Saradomin / Bandos / Armadyl Godsword
(Same stats, Unique special Attack) (SA)
Vesta's Spear
Vesta's Longsword
Statius Warhammer (SA)
Chaotic Warhammer
Chaotic Rapier
Chaotic Longsword

Saradomin Staff
Guthix Staff
Zamorak Staff
Ahrim's Staff
Ancient Staff
Staff of Light
Master Wand
Chaotic Staff

Mainhand Shield
Dragon Dart
Crystal Bow
Karil's Crossbow
Magic Shortbow (SA)
Morrigans Throwing Axe
Morrigans Javeline (SA)
Dark Bow (SA)
Rune Crossbow
Armadyl Crossbow
Chaotic Crossbow

Void Knight Gloves
(Works with Void Set)
CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png Rock Climbing Boots CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png
Combat Bracelet CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png Rune Boots CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png
Regen Bracelet CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png Bandos Boots (Def)
(Dragon Boots (Off)
CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png
Rune Gloves CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png Steadfast Boots CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png
Black Vambraces Nope.png Nope.png CheckMark.png Infinity Boots Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png
Black Spiked Vambraces CheckMark.png Nope.png CheckMark.png Ragefire Boots Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png
Mystic Gloves Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png Runner Boots CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png
Infinity Gloves Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png Ranger Boots Nope.png Nope.png CheckMark.png
Barrows Gloves CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png Glaiven Boots Nope.png Nope.png CheckMark.png

Ava's Accumulator Nope.png Nope.png CheckMark.png Berserker's Necklace CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png
Ardougne Cape CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png Arcane Pulse Necklace
Arcane Blast Necklace
Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png
Obsidian Cape CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png Amulet of Power CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png
Tokkhar Cape CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png Amulet of Magic Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png
Fire Cape CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png Amulet of Accuracy Nope.png Nope.png CheckMark.png
Zamorak Cape Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png Amulet of Strength CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png
Saradomin Cape Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png Amulet of Glory CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png
/ / / / Amulet of Ranging Nope.png Nope.png CheckMark.png
/ / / / Fury Amulet CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png

Shields / Offhands
Zamorak Book CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png
Rune Berserker Shield
Dragon Square Shield
Obby Shield
Dragon Kiteshield
Rune Defender
Dragon Defender
Dragon Fireshield
CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png Nope.png
Saradomin Book
Book of Balance
Mages Book
Tome of Frost
Farseer Shield
Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png Nope.png
Crystal Shield
Eagle Eye Kite
Nope.png Nope.png CheckMark.png Nope.png
Crystal Shield
Spirit Shield
Spectral - Arcane - Elysian Spirit Shield
CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png CheckMark.png

The Finale

Battlegrounds Finale.png

When there are only 4 players left, everybody will have 15 seconds before they will be teleported for the finals.
When teleported to the final (if you have room in inventory) you get a key for free. At the finals you can only use 1 key, so there's no reason to hold on to multiple keys

  • Use this key wisely, if you're full on food wait till you have enough room to loot the food from the chest.


Battlegrounds Shop.png
Reward Picture Cost


Battlegrounds Keys
Battlegrounds Key.png
1 Survival and 20 Slaughter Points
Thor's Hammer
Thors Hammer icon.png
10 Survival and 500 Slaughter Points 20% double drop rate & 2% drop rate
Captain America Shield
Captain America Shield Icon.png
5 Survival and 200 Slaughter Points 1 prayer gain per hit
Kril Full Helm
Kril Set Helm.png
5 Survival and 200 Slaughter Points Currently no effect
Kril Platebody
Kril Set Body.png
5 Survival and 200 Slaughter Points Currently no effect
Kril Platelegs
Kril Set Legs.png
5 Survival and 200 Slaughter Points Currently no effect
Rouge Helm (PVM)
Rogue Set Helm.jpg
5 Survival and 200 Slaughter Points Set effect - 20% double drop rate & 2% drop rate
Rouge Platebody (PVM)
Rogue Set Body.jpg
5 Survival and 200 Slaughter Points Set effect - 20% double drop rate & 2% drop rate
Rouge Platelegs (PVM)
Rogue Set Legs.jpg
5 Survival and 200 Slaughter Points Set effect - 20% double drop rate & 2% drop rate
Rouge Cape (PVM)
Rogue Set Cape.jpg
5 Survival and 200 Slaughter Points Set effect - 20% double drop rate & 2% drop rate