The Bazooka (U) is an immensely strong range weapon ready to wreak havoc. With its high Ranged Strength, the bazooka is a range weapon that hits hard and heavy! Also with the added benefit of having Area of Effect damage, allowing you to do massive damage to multiple enemies at once!

Bazooka power.gif

The Bazooka (U) is only obtainable by having a Camo Pack from the ::Store for $50 and using it on a bazooka to turn it into a Bazooka (U).

At the moment, the price of  Bazooka(U) is roughly 9-15M

Currently, it is dropped by the following Bosses:

  • None

Can be obtained from the following Chest:

  • Infinity Chest

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Ranged Mainhand slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +0 +0
Slash +0 +0
Crush +0 +0
Magic +0 +0
Range +2500 +0
Special bonuses
Melee +0
Ranged +15000
Magic +0.0%
Prayer +0
Monster attack speed 5.gif

Bazzoka Equppied.gif

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