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Black Market Dealer

The "Black Market", is a way for any player to sell just about any item in the game. Keep in mind that most large ticket items will take a big loss upon selling it to this shop.

This shop's main location is at ::shops, but it is also located numerous other places around Dreamscape

Please Note: You can buy items from here for usually double what you sold them for.

Black Market Shop.png
Items Buy Price Sell Price
Super Mystery Box 1M Coins 250K Coins
Dynamic Mystery Box 2M Coins 500K Coins
Ultra Mystery Box 2M Coins 500K Coins
Pet Mystery Box 2M Coins 500K Coins
Trix Pieces 100K Coins 50K Coins
Blizzard Set Pieces 500K Coins 150K Coins
Blizzard Spirit Shield 500K Coins 150K Coins
Blizzard Staff 500K Coins 150K Coins
Crystal Set Pieces 15M Coins 5M Coins
Eternal Crystal Set Pieces 25M Coins 10M Coins
American Pernix Set Pieces 1M Coins 250K Coins
Devious Set Pieces 20M Coins 10M Coins
Oblivion Scythe 1M Coins 250K Coins
Frostbite Staff 1M Coins 250K Coins
Soulflare (x) 2M Coins 500K Coins
Khione`s Staff 20M Coins 10M Coins
Eternal Khione`s Staff 30M Coins 15M Coins
Minigun 5M Coins 2M Coins
Golden Minigun 8M Coins 4M Coins
Ak-47 Asiimov 15M Coins 7M Coins
Aqua Spirit Shield 20M Coins 10M Coins
Blue Deathcape 500K Coins 250K Coins
Groudon Pet 1.5M Coins 500K Coins
Necromancer Jr 15M Coins 5M Coins
Diablo JR 25M Coins 10M Coins
Ring of Wealth (i) 1M Coins 250K Coins
Avery's Ring 15M Coins 5M Coins
Avery's Ring (i) 60M Coins 30M Coins
Collector's Necklace 10M Coins 5M Coins
M4A4 Asiimov 10M Coins 5M Coins
Bonds 500m Coins 375m Coins
Trix Amulet (+) 40M Coins 20m Coins
Crystal key 3K Coins 1.5K Coins
Mystery box 3K Coins 2k Coins