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The Box of Wisdom is a box that gives the user a random aura from the list below. All 3 levels of auras are obtainable from the box.

The Box of Wisdom is currently available for purchase from the Arcade Shop for 25000 tokens, from the Executive Zone Shop for 75000 points, from Wilderness Shop for 20000 points, or as an uncommon drop from Shredder or Mini Shredder

  • Note: You can not receive the Infinity Aura from the Box of Wisdom
Possible Rare Items
Item Quantity Rarity
Augury lvl 1.png Augury lvl 1 1 unknown
Augury lvl 2.png Augury lvl 2 1 Unknown
Augury lvl 3.png Augury lvl 3 1 Unknown
Berserker lvl 1.png Berserker lvl 1 1 Unknown
Berserker lvl 2.png Berserker lvl 2 1 Unknown
Berserker lvl 3.png Berserker lvl 3 1 Unknown
Fortunate Favour lvl 1.png Fortunate Favour lvl 1 1 Unknown
Fortunate Favour lvl 2.png Fortunate Favour lvl 2 1 Unknown
Fortunate lvl 3.png Fortunate Favour lvl 3 1 Unknown
Fortune lvl 1.png Fortune lvl 1 1 Unknown
Fortune lvl 2.png Fortune lvl 2 1 Unknown
Fortune lvl 3.png Fortune lvl 3 1 Unknown
Godsend lvl 1.png Godsend lvl 1 1 Unknown
Godsend lvl 2.png Godsend lvl 2 1 Unknown
Godsend lvl 3.png Godsend lvl 3 1 Unknown
Holy Might.png Holy Might 1 Unknown
Lucky Stars lvl 1.png Lucky Stars lvl 1 1 Unknown
Lucky Stars lvl 2.png Lucky Stars lvl 2 1 Unknown
Lucky Stars lvl 3.png Lucky Stars lvl 3 1 Unknown
Magpie.png Magpie 1 Unknown
Mystic lvl 1.png Mystic lvl 1 1 Unknown
Mystic lvl 2.png Mystic lvl 2 1 Unknown
Mystic lvl 3.png Mystic lvl 3 1 Unknown
Regain.png Regain 1 Unknown
Platinum Skin.png Platinum Skin 1 Unknown
Steel Skin.png Steel Skin 1 Unknown
Thick Skin.png Thick Skin 1 Unknown
Third Eye.png Third Eye 1 Unknown
Trinity lvl 1.png Trinity lvl 1 1 Unknown
Trinity lvl 2.png Trinity lvl 2 1 Unknown
Trinity lvl 3.png Trinity lvl 3 1 Unknown