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Combat Level 315
Hitpoints 255
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive No
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 4.gif
Max Hit unknown
Weakness Mage, Range, Melee
Always Drops None
Examine It's Charmander.
Warning Hot! It's Charmander! Charmander is located at South-East of the Training Area.
You can go here by typing ::train.
Charmander is an easy custom NPC on Redemptionrsps.

He can be killed with pretty much any gear or weapon.

The Charmander does NOT drop souls that can be crafted into soul keys, therefore it still maintains the common and uncommon drops. The Charmander, along with all other NPC's in Dreamscape, drops the Infinity Key and immortal stone fragments
Possible Loots


Item Quantity Rarity
Bronze Coin.png Bronze Coin 1 Common
Crystal Key.png Crystal Key 1 Common
Infinity Key.png Infinity Key 1 Uncommon
Amulet of Fury.png Amulet of Fury 1 Uncommon
Robin Hood Hat.png Robin Hood Hat 1 Uncommon
Robin Hood Hat (Blue).png Robin Hood Hat (Blue) 1 Uncommon
Robin Hood Hat (Red).png Robin Hood Hat (Red) 1 Uncommon
Robin Hood Hat (White).png Robin Hood Hat (White) 1 Uncommon
Robin Hood Hat (Yellow).png Robin Hood Hat (Yellow) 1 Uncommon
Bandos Chestplate.png Bandos Chestplate 1 Uncommon
Bandos Tassets.png Bandos Tassets 1 Uncommon
Bandos Boots.png Bandos Boots 1 Uncommon
Ahrim's Hood 0.png Ahrim's Hood 0 1 Uncommon
Ahrim's Robetop 0.png Ahrim's Robetop 0 1 Uncommon
Ahrim's Robeskirt 0.png Ahrim's Robeskirt 0 1 Uncommon
Ahrim's Staff 0.png Ahrim's Staff 0 1 Uncommon
Dharok's Helm 0.png Dharok's Helm 0 1 Uncommon
Dharok's Platebody 0.png Dharok's Platebody 0 1 Uncommon
Dharok's Platelegs 0.png Dharok's Platelegs 0 1 Uncommon
Dharok's Greataxe 0.png Dharok's Greataxe 0 1 Uncommon
Verac's Helm 0.png Verac's Helm 0 1 Uncommon
Verac's Brassard 0.png Verac's Brassard 0 1 Uncommon
Verac's Plateskirt 0.png Verac's Plateskirt 0 1 Uncommon
Verac's Flail 0.png Verac's Flail 0 1 Uncommon
Lamp.png Lamp 1 Rare
Prince Tunic.png Prince Tunic 1 Very Rare


Item Quantity Rarity
Gold Charm.png Gold Charm 1 Common
Green Charm.png Green Charm 1 Common
Crimson Charm.png Crimson Charm 1 Common
Blue Charm.png Blue Charm 1 Common
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