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This guide will be FULL of what you will expect to find while hunting for guides! Such as what bosses to kill, where to find the clue scroll area, and what items you need to equip. Please use

Clue Scroll Levels: In total we have 4 levels of clues:

  • Normal (3)
  • Hard (5)
  • Elite (8)
  • Dream (15)

Hint NPC (Image) Location
A Drizzly Coward
Crazy old wizard clue.png
The Crazy Old Wizard can be found on the east wall of the ::home Bank.
Milestone clue.png
MileStone can be at ::Shops.
Kid Mom
Dommik clue.png
Skills interface - Summoning - Teleport
Ref Ram
Farmer clue.png
Skills interface - Farming - Teleport
Limbered Ionsas
Miniboss leader clue.png
The Miniboss Leader can be found at ::shops.
Raving Pickle
King Percival clue.png
King Percival Can be found at ::shops.
U May At
Tamayu clue.png
Skills interface - Hunter - Teleport
Finer Mash
Fisherman clue.png
Skills interface - Fishing - Teleport
Ark Aid
Kardia clue.png
Type ::edge. Kardia
Not Aids
Notsaid clue.png
City Teleports - Canifis
He Cocktail Hero
Charlie the cook clue.png
Skills interface - Cooking - Teleport
Scroll Hi Go
Schoolgirl clue.png
Type ::edge and run south. Schoolgirl.
Beheld Rare
Herb dealer clue.png
Skills interface - Herblore - Teleport
Seagulls or Lad
Solus Dellagar clue.png
Teleport to ::skilling and run west to the ladder, then kill Solus Dellagar.
Shanomi clue.png
This clue is currently broken.
Ilae Kdly
Lady Keli.png
City Teleports - Varrock. Lady Keli

Hint Location Correct Digsite
Within the worm filled cave dig in front of the way up .

Monster Teleports - Strykewyrm, then run south to the ladder.

This location can be found at Monster Teleport, under Strykewyrms.png
Dig in Front of the  Jail in Seers' village village. City Teleports - Seers Village, then run west to the jail cells.
Seer's village jail's.png
Dig in front of the Staircase, North of the Fishermen's Town.

City Teleports -> Catherby -> Run North

Dig in the Middle of Seer's Village Flax Field. Type ::WC then run South East.
On Port-Sarim's most Southern Penninsula, dig behind the tree. City Teleports - Port Sarim, then run south to the peninsula.
Dig in front of the GraveStone, at Port-Sarim's Graveyard. City Teleports - Port Sarim, then run south to the graveyard.
There where the Northeners live, dig amidst the stall area. City Teleports - Seers Village - Follow the Road to the North East to Relleka.
Dig where the Troll dwell and humans boil. City Teleports - Burthorpe, then run northwest through the death plateau to reach the cooking pot.
Dig in front of the Cooking Guild. City Teleports - Varrock, then run west and a bit north to reach the cooking guild.
Dig in the Middle of Lumbridge's Graveyard. City Teleports - Lumbridge, then run south west to the graveyard.
Dig at the Tree of Thugs. This clue is currently broken.
Dig in front of the gate, at the City of Magic. City Teleports- Yanille, then run west to the gate.
Dig in front of the Cave, where the Big Kahuna lives. This clue is currently broken.
Dig in front of the House at the Desolate Island. City Teleports - Yanille, run north east out of the gate, east to the ocean then south until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path to the house.
Amidst the Marsh, dig in front of the Wooden Grave. City Teleports - Canifis, then run all the way to the East until you run into a stream of Water
Dig under the Charma at Draynor Village. City Teleports - Draynor Village. Dig Underneath the window behind the bench in the market to the west.
Dig under the Fire at the Village of Goblins. City Teleports - Falador, then run north to the goblin village.
Dig in front of the blessed altar, where duels are held. This clue is currently broken.
Clue scorll.png
Come to the evil ledge.

Yew know yew want to. Try not to get stung.

Use the command ::edge and run south to the yew trees. Center
Covered in shadows, the center of the circle is where you will find the answer. Minigames Teleports - Barrows, then run west following the path across the bridge. Center
A church laying staticly in the sea whom has not seen much life in a while dig outside the rim of the window. City Teleports - Port Sarim, then run south behind the church. Center

Hint Location Location (Image)
Search the Crates in Varrock Castle’s Courtyard. City Teleports - Varrock, then run north into the castle, and east to the crates.
Courtyard crate.png
Search the Crate at Catherby’s Pier. City Teleports - Catherby, then south onto the pier.
Catheby pier crate.png
Search the ‘Dead Body’ at the White Wolf Mountain. City Teleports - Burthorpe, then run south to taverly, west to the entrance of the mountain. Follow the path to the body.
Road to whitewolf.png
Deadbody white wolf.png
Search the Crates on the Bridge to the Wizard’s Tower. City Teleports - Draynor Village, then run south onto the bridge.
Wizard tower bridge crate.png
Search the Crate near the Docks a Port Khazard. City Teleports - Yanille, then run northeast to Port Khazard.
Port Khazard crate.png
Search the Haystack amidst the Barn, North of Draynor Village. City Teleports - Draynor Village, then run north along the path to the crossroads, then east to the barn.
Draynor haystack.png
Steal from Draynor’s Market Stall. City Teleports - Draynor Village, then walk west into the market.
Draynow market stall.png
Search the Boxes at Ardougne’s Harbor. City Teleports - Ardougne, then run south to the boxes near the harbor.
Ardougne harbour crate.png
Search the Crate at WitchHaven’s Pier. City teleports - Ardougne, then run south east.

Yes, we are aware that this Clue is incorrect, as it is actually Ardougne’s Pier.

Witchhaven pier crate.png
Pick a Thorn from the Thorny Bush, atop of the White Wolf Mountain. City Teleports - Burthorpe, then run south to taverly, west into the mountains. Follow the mountain path until you reach the peak.
Road to whitewolf.png
Thorny bush white wolf.png
Search the Coffins South of the Town of PK-ers. Use the command ::edge and run south to the coffins.
Edgeville coffins.png

Search the Crate in Canifis’ Costume Shop.

City Teleports - Canifis, then run to the north east.
Canifis costume shop.png
Search the Boxes at the Entrance of the great Tree Village. City Teleports - Ardougne, then west across the river, north out the gate, and then west to the entrance of the tree gnome stronghold.
Great Tree crate.png
Great Tree crate 2.png
Search the Crate in the house at the Guild of Fishers. This clue is currently broken.
Fishing guild crate.png
Search the Sacks next to a Bar, in the Town of Magic. City teleports - Yanille, run west to the bar.
Yanille sacks.png
Search the Memorial close to a Waterpump, Somewhere in the Marsh. Monster Teleports - Mage gray, then run west past the farming spot.
Canifis tombstone.png
Canifis tombstone 2.png
Search the Chest on the Abandoned Ship. Monster teleports - Mage Gray, then run west until you see the ship to the north.
Abandoned ship crate 2.png
Search the Haystack in the Castle Courtyard. City Teleports - Ardougne, then run west to the castle.
Ardougne courtyard haystack.png
Search the Boxes, amidst the Abandoned Camp. City Teleports - Ardougne, then run north west to reach the abandoned camp.
Abandoned camp crate.png
Abandoned camp crate 2.png
Investigate the Mysterious CoalTruck, North-West of Seer’s Village. City Teleports - Seers Village, then run north west and follow the tracks to the coal truck.
Seers coal truck.png
Seers coal truck 2.png
Search the Crate in one of the Tents in Al-Kharid. City Teleports - Al Kharid, and run into the scimitar shop.
Al kharid crate.png
Search the Boxes North of the Great Maze. City Teleports - Ardougne. Run west to the wall of West ardougne, then south across the battlefield. Cross the river towards the entrance to the maze.
Great Maze crate.png
Great Maze crate 2.png
Search the Boxes in a Tent in Burthope. City Teleports - Burthorpe, then south into the tent.
Burthorpe crate.png
Inspect the farming patch City Teleports -> Catherby -> Run north to the farming patch.
Farmingp patch.png

Clue Task & Area Location (Image)

Equip a pair of iron platelegs, dagger, and a monkey lover.

::flameking - Flame Torva

Equip a pair of Flared Trousers, a Black Cavalier and a pair of Ice gloves and dance at the bar of the Blue Moon Inn.

City Teleports - Varrock then run south to the blue moon inn.
Bow before the Statue of Saradomin, wear nothing at all. Beware of Old Men! City Teleports - Falador, then run north to the statue.
Dance in front of the Make-over Mage's house, wear nothing at all. Beware of Old Men!

City teleports - Port Sarim, then run north west to the makeover mage's house.

Equip a pair of White Wings, a Minecraft Helm and a Minecraft Pickaxe. Bow in front of the Shanty pass. City Teleports - Al kharid, then run south to the shanty pass.
Equip a Glock, Vanguard Gloves, and Karil’s Skirt, and Jig inbetween the torches at the Ardougne Magic Trees. Type ::WC, then run South to the house with the Magic Trees.
Equip a pair of Barrow Gloves, an Elemental Whip, and a Drygore Offhand. Bow to the one who has no arms. Wear the Items and Bow in front of iron man at ::shops
Equip a pair of pirate boots, gilded platebody, gnome scarf and a brutal whip and dance right next to the range at the smithing teleport. Deceptive Clue, actual location is City Teleports -> Catherby -> Run East
Equip a Royal Sicle, a Rainbow Cape and nothing else.

Goblin Salute to the hidden wall at Dreamscape’s hottest place.

Type ::flameking - Flame Pernix, then run north to the hidden wall. BE SURE TO USE GOBLIN SALUTE.
Equip a Rainbow Scarf, a pair of Rainbow Boots, and a Deathcape.

Raspberry at the Bridge north of where werewolves live!

City Teleports - Canifis, then run north to the broken bridge.
Equip a Vesta’s Chain, a pair of Dharok Platelegs, and a pair of Flowers.

Panic in front of the Haunted Mansion.

City Teleports - Draynor Village, then follow the path north to draynor mansion.
Spin in front of the door that needs a Brass Key to be opened.

Equip nothing but a Chaotic Whip. Beware of Old Men!

City Teleports - Varrock. Run West to the river, then north without crossing.
Equip an Assault Rifle, a Gold Chain, and a pair of Steadfast Boots.

Dance in front of Spectral Wall there where the Mage lives.

Monster Teleports - Mage Gray, then run south to the gate.
Equip an Katana of stars, Vet’ion pet and a pair of White glass wings and do the zombie dance in-between the 2 statues in front of the Slayer tower. City Teleports - Canifis - Run North West to the Slayer Tower.

Monters/Bosses by level
  • 2 Cow
  • 2 Penguin
  • 5 Goblin
  • 8 Crawling Hands
  • 9 Al-Kharid Warrior
  • 10 Barbarian
  • 13 Chaos Druid
  • 13 Rock Crab
  • 21 Grizzly Bear
  • 22 Skeleton
  • 23 Banshee
  • 27 Bat
  • 28 Hill Giant
  • 33 whiteKnight
  • 42 Magic Axe
  • 45 Guardian of Armadyl
  • 46 Knight of Ardougne
  • 47 Angry Goblin
  • 48 Baby white Dragon
  • 48 Chaos Dwarf
  • 49 Flockleader Geerin
  • 56 Cyclops
  • 66 Infernal Mage
  • 66 Infernal Mage
  • 69 Aviansie
  • 69 Hero
  • 72 Mini Barrel Chest
  • 76 Bloodveld
  • 79 Aviansie
  • 79 Green Dragon
  • 81 Cyclops
  • 82 Lesser Demon
  • 86 Fire Giant
  • 87 Lesser Reborn Ranger
  • 93 Dust Devil
  • 93 Werewolf
  • 98 Ahrim the Blighted
  • 98 Karil the Tainted
  • 103 Knight of Saradomin
  • 105 Pikachu
  • 107 Greater Reborn Ranger
  • 107 Ork
  • 110 Jungle Strykewyrm
  • 111 white Dragon
  • 111 Gargoyle
  • 113 Saradomin Priest
  • 113 TzHaar-Xil
  • 115 Dharok the Wretched
  • 115 Guthan the Infested
  • 115 Nechryael
  • 115 Spiritual Ranger
  • 115 Spiritual Warrior
  • 115 Torag the Corrupted
  • 115 Verac the Defiled
  • 118 Spiritual Ranger
  • 119 Mini Tormented Demon
  • 120 Spiritual Mage
  • 121 Spiritual Mage
  • 122 Hellhound
  • 122 Spiritual Mage
  • 124 Abyssal Demon
  • 125 Spiritual Warrior
  • 127 Spiritual Ranger
  • 130 Desert Strykewyrm
  • 130 Forgotten Warrior
  • 134 Spiritual Warrior
  • 141 Sergeant Strongstack
  • 142 Sergeant Grimspike
  • 142 Sergeant Steelwill
  • 143 Wingman Skree
  • 148 Aviansie
  • 149 Gorak
  • 159 Flight Kilisa
  • 170 Barrelchest
  • 170 Sea Troll Queen
  • 172 whiteDemon
  • 175 Mini Titan
  • 182 Dark Beast
  • 210 Ice Strykewyrm
  • 225 Scorpia
  • 227 whiteDragon
  • 235 Phoenix
  • 255 Luigi
  • 267 Bork
  • 276 King whiteDragon
  • 276 Mini King whiteDragon
  • 285 Dragonbone Protector
  • 305 Chaos Elemental
  • 315 Charmander
  • 369 Steroid Penguin Tank
  • 420 Flame Pernix
  • 420 Flame King
  • 420 King Dreamer
  • 420 Thugbob
  • 450 Tormented Demon
  • 454 Vet’ion
  • 456 Necromancer
  • 464 Venenatis
  • 470 Callisto
  • 575 Tank Boss
  • 580 Kree’ara
  • 580 Mini Kreeara
  • 584 Icy Skeleton
  • 596 Mini Zilyana
  • 624 General Graador
  • 699 Nomad
  • 702 TzTok-Jad
  • 785 Corporeal Beast
  • 785 Mini Corporeal Beast
  • 999 Wizard Grayzag
  • 1001 Nex
  • 1337 Gio’s Hoe
  • 1337 Mini Graador
  • 2000 Vorago
  • 2017 Oblivion Dragon
  • 4200 Party Minion
  • 6996 Shadow King
  • 8400 Party Boss

Clue Scroll Rewards.png

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