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Defence is one of the primary combat skills that grants player protection in all forms of combat. For this reason, Defence is one of the skills that will raise the combat level of a player regardless of other combat skill levels. The higher the Defence level, the fewer successful blows an opponent will land against the player, this applies to all combat styles used against the player. Defence is thus a vital skill for enduring attacks for long periods of time and can be extremely helpful against opponents with high AttackRanged, and Magic. The defence skill range from levels 1 - 99.

Popular Custom Armours For The Defence Style

American Torva

American 1.png

Flame Torva

Flame 1.png

Wolverine Torva

Wolverine Torva 1.png

Prime Torva


Rainbow Torva


Blue Torva

Blue Torvaa.png

24K Torva


Dragonbone Armour


Vanguard Armour


Torva Armour


Virtus Armour


Pernix Armour


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The achievement of the defence skill is getting a skill point and a 99 in that category. You're then rewarded with the Defence cape and the skillcape emote.

Defence cape emote.gif