Redemption RSPS Wiki
Combat Level 5000
Hitpoints 3,000,000
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 5.gif
Max Hit Unknown
Weakness Range
Always Drops See drop table
Examine It´s a Diablo

Diablo is a level 5000 Boss with 3,000,000 Hitpoints. It was released on December 8, 2017

Diablo is a powerful demon and is the new raid boss on Dreamscape.

The only effective methods of dealing damage include Ranged or Magic.

How to get there
To get to Diablo, use the command ::diablo or ::joinraid4
Upon killing Diablo, you will need to be part of the top 5 damage hitters to get an equal chance of receiving loot from the drop table.
Recommended Gear Setup
This Boss has suggested gear set-ups. Click to view.
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Item Quantity Rarity
Crystal Key.png Crystal Key 10 Common
Lamp.png Lamp 5 Common
Bronze Coin.png Bronze Coin 25.000-200.000 Uncommon
Lamp.png Lamp 15 Uncommon
Golden Ak-47.png Golden Ak-47 1 Uncommon
Raid Box.png Raid Box 1 Uncommon
Blood santa.png Blood santa 1 Rare
Devious Helmet.png Devious Helmet 1 Rare
Devious Platebody.png Devious Platebody 1 Rare
Devious Legs.png Devious Legs 1 Rare
Blood Sniper.png Blood Sniper 1 Rare
Bronze Coin.png Bronze Coin 250.000-2.000.000 Rare
Raid Box.png Raid Box 3-5 Rare
Ak-47 Asiimov.png Ak-47 Asiimov 1 Rare
Raid Box.png Raid Box 8-15 Ultra Rare
Dream range helm.png Dream range helm 1 Ultra Rare
Dream range body.png Dream range body 1 Ultra Rare
Dream range legs.png Dream range legs 1 Ultra Rare
Diablo's Claw.png Diablo's Claw 1 Ultra Rare