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Dreamzone gloves animation.gif

DreamZone is a minigame that consists of killing Dreamons (5,000 HP) in order to achieve boxing glove drops. These boxing gloves are unique as they have tiers to different strengths.

To get to DreamZone, a player can use the command ::dreamzone. They will then want to speak with "Dreamy Wizard".

Dreamy Wizard will give you two options:

  • You can pay 250K Bronze Coins for the Normal Entry that has a NON Area of effect (AOE) that is NOT instanced.


  • You can pay 5M Bronze Coins for the Premium Entry that has an Area of effect (AOE) that is instanced.

The Boxing Gloves are ranked in tiers. In order to receive that final pair, you must first collect all the previous. Example: Collect Bronze in order to get Iron, and so forth.

This unique drop table is not affected by DROP RATE BONUSES.

Boxing Glove Chance
Bronze Boxing Gloves.png
Bronze Boxing Gloves 1 in 250
Iron Boxing Gloves.png
Iron Boxing Gloves 1 in 500
Black Boxing Gloves.png
Black Boxing Gloves 1 in 750
Mithril Boxing Gloves.png
Mithril Boxing Gloves 1 in 1,000
Adamant Boxing Gloves.png
Adamant Boxing Gloves 1 in 1,500
Rune Boxing Gloves.png
Rune Boxing Gloves 1 in 2,000
Dragon Boxing Gloves.png
Dragon Boxing Gloves 1 in 2,500
Infernal Boxing Gloves.png
Infernal Boxing Gloves 1 in 3,000
Purple Mist Boxing Gloves.png
Purple Mist Boxing Gloves 1 in 3,500
Heavenly Boxing Gloves.png
Heavenly Boxing Gloves 1 in 5,000