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Dynamic Scratch Card
Dynamic Scracth Card1.png

The Dynamic Scratch Card is one of the most awesome scratch cards we have here on Redemptionrsps. The Card offers some of the best items in game as loot! Only $5 at our Donation Store!

There's an in-game command, ::checkdsc, that shows all the loot that can be obtained from the card at that time. Upon opening a Card you will have a chance to scratch the three main squares. If they match, you win that prize! If not though, you will still be rewarded with a guaranteed cash prize of anywhere from 5T all the way to 1Q from the bonus square at the bottom! The rarest items can only be won once, so make sure to use the command to see what goodies are still available!

*This list will only be updated when new items are discovered.*

Item Quantity Rarity
American Pernix Cowl.png American Pernix Cowl 1 Unknown
American Pernix Body.png American Pernix Body 1 Unknown
American Pernix Chaps.png American Pernix Chaps 1 Unknown
American Torva Helm.png American Torva Helm 1 Unknown
American Torva Platebody.png American Torva Platebody 1 Unknown
American Torva Platelegs.png American Torva Platelegs 1 Unknown
Ring of Wealth (i).png Ring of Wealth (i) 1 Unknown
M4A4 Asiimov.png M4A4 Asiimov 1 Unknown
Frostbite Staff.png Frostbite Staff 1 Unknown
Quadron Check.png Quadron Check 1 Unknown
Diablo JR.png Diablo JR 1 Unknown
Gumby Pet.png Gumby Pet 1 Unknown
Cyan Partyhat.png Cyan Partyhat 1 Unknown
Golden Minigun.png Golden Minigun 1 Unknown
Helicopter.png Helicopter 1 Unknown
Slimmer.png Slimmer 1 Unknown
AK47 Asiimov.png AK47 Asiimov 1 Unknown
AWP Asiimov.png AWP Asiimov 1 Unknown
Eternal Khione Staff.png Eternal Khione Staff 1 Unknown
Electronic Katana.png Electronic Katana 1 Unknown
Longclaw.png Longclaw 1 Unknown
Crystal Helm.png Crystal Helm 1 Unknown
Crystal Platebody.png Crystal Platebody 1 Unknown
Crystal Platelegs.png Crystal Platelegs 1 Unknown
Yellow santa.png yellow santa 1 Unknown
Purple santa.png purple santa 1 Unknown
Prod Cape.png Prod Cape 1 Unknown
Icy Glaive.png Icy Glaive 1 Unknown
Executive Cape.png Executive Cape 1 Unknown