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The Emperor`s Necklace (i) is one of the most unique and powerful items in DreamScape, and the best neck-slot item in the entire game. It can currently only be obtained by upgrading the Emperor`s Necklace at the emperor's chest located at ::upgrade

The Necklace currently has the following effects:

  • A base drop rate boost of 50%
  • A 60% boost to damage dealt with all three combat styles
  • A 35% increase to Ultra Rare loot from the Soul Chest
  • A 20% boost to both Luck and Double Drop Rate
  • A 35% boost to upgrade success rate
  • A 20% boost to your maximum HP
  • Unlimited teleports to a Revenants instance
  • The necklace will generate cash directly into your money pouch, at 2x rate of AFK Island. This rate depends on your donator rank, matching the AFK Island rate at each rank. This effect does stack while you are at AFK Island.

Currently, the Emperor`s Necklace (i) is untradable

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Hybrid Neck slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +500 +0
Slash +500 +0
Crush +500 +0
Magic +500 +0
Range +500 +0
Special bonuses
Melee +500
Ranged +500
Magic +50%
Prayer +0
Emperor`s Necklace i Equipped.png
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