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The Executive cape is the Best cape in-game, known for its insane stats to 1-hit almost all NPC's. This cape is untradable.

Donator Rank Cost Cost Alternative 1
Executive Cape.png
Executive Cape ($800) Executive totem on an Owner Cape.
Executive Benefit: Drop Rate Boost Executive Benefit: Double Drop Rate Boost Executive Benefit: Luck Boost Executive Benefit: Damage Boost Executive Benefit: Arcade Boost Executive Benefit: Max Elo Stat Multiplier Executive Benefit: World Boss Teleport Executive Benefit: Daily Executive Reward
10% 10% 10% 30% Tribrid 2x Arcade Tokens 2.5x Elo ::wb Access to the Redemptionrsps World Boss. DS Coins, Super Mystery Boxes, Invictus Boxes etc.
Executive cape newstats.png

Executive Points used towards the Executive Shop (Genie)

Bosses Points
Executive dragon.png
Executive Dragon 30
Olaf Set.png
Olaf 1
Groudon 1
Chaos Elemental.png
Chaos elemental 1
Magegray Pet.png
Wizard Grayzag 1
Vorago 1
Shadow King.png
Shadow King 1
Am'orth Set.png
Guardian of Am'orth 1
Icy skeleton.png
Icy Skeleton 1
The Necromancer.png
Necromancer 1
Corporeal Beast Pet.png
Corporeal Beast 1

::vroom ::helicopter

Executive Shop Revamp.png
Arcade reward shop.png
Arcade shop.png
Arcade Shop
Protein shop.png
Observatory professor.png
Observatory Professor
Potion shop.png
Professor oddenstein.png
Professor Oddenstein

Dream and lava trees.png
Lava/Dream Trees
Rainbow fishing spot.png
Rainbow Fishing

Right click your executive cape to open the executive panel or type ::exe

Executive panel.png
  • exezone - teleports you directly to the executive zone!
    exeraid - teleports you directly to the executive raid portal!

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