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Farming; is a skill in which players grow herbs using seeds and harvest them as essential components for herblore. The highest level herbs are used to create custom potions here on Redemption.

  • The teleport is located under the miscellaneous tab on your teleportation dashboard!
  • Quick Tip: Click the Farming Skill on your skill tab to open up the direct teleport!

Farming is trained by planting herb seeds in the various patches herb patches around redemption. These Patches Can be found in:

  • Ardougne
  • Catherby
  • North of Port Sarim
  • Canifis Farming Patch
  •  ::skilling

Some seeds can be purchased in the farming shop at ::skilling, while the best can be obtained through various drop tables, including: The Nightmare, Yu-Gi-Oh Raid, Global Slayer Drops, and the Theatre of Blood.

Herb Seeds up to Torstol (Level 85) are obtainable in the farming Shop.

All herbs have a grow time of 6 minutes.

Various composts can be use to improve the experience gained from harvesting. Standard Compost can be made by adding weeds to any compost bin. Super Compost can be created by placing herbs, white berries, snape grass, papayas, or coconuts into the compost bin. Donator Compost: Grants a 50% chance to receive double the experience when harvesting.

Super Magic Compost Grants a 100% chance to receive double the experience when harvesting.

Seed Name Farming Level Required Planting XP Harvesting XP
Guam Level 1 20 XP 30 XP
Marrentill Level 14 24 XP 35 XP
Tarromin Level 19 30 XP 40 XP
Harralander Level 26 45 XP 60 XP
Ranarr Level 32 55 XP 75 XP
Toadflax Level 38 60 XP 80 XP
Irit Level 44 70 XP 90 XP
Avantoe Level 50 75 XP 95 XP
Kwuarm Level 56 150 XP 175 XP
Snapdragon Level 62 200 XP 200 XP
Cadantine Level 67 750 XP 750 XP
Lantadyme Level 73 900 XP 900 XP
Samaden Level 75 1,000 XP 1,000 XP
Dwarf Weed Level 79 1,200 XP 1,000 XP
Torstol Level 85 3,000 XP 3,000 XP
Arbuck Level 92 6,000 XP 6,500 XP
Fellstalk Level 96 7,500 XP 8,000 XP
Argway Level 105 25,000 XP 30,000 XP
Wergali Level 109 50,000 XP 75,000 XP
Hemp Level 118 175,000 XP 225,000 XP
Cardinal Level 125 355,000 XP 500,000 XP
Purple Haze Level 150 1,000 XP 1,000 XP

Each piece of the Master Farmer Set grants 3% increased farming experience. The set consists of a Hat, Body, Legs, Boots, and Gloves, granting a total of 15% increased experience.

Wearing the full set gives a bonus effect: 25% Increased farming experience (total, not additional) and a 15% chance to harvest more crops!

The Tangleroot grants a 20% experience boost when harvesting herbs, as well as granting an additional farming life to those herbs.

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