Gambling Skill

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Dice bag.png Introduction
The Gambling Skill is part of the 100th update from Redemptionrsps!

It's a new Custom skill that can't be leveled up by Lamps. The Gambling Skill also brought a lot of new and cool items with it, including a custom level 99 and level 120 Skillcape!

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So how can i level it?

Well it's very easy you don't even have to win or even stake your bank! When you get a level up a message will pop up:

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Here is how you gain Exp:
Dice Duel:

Win = 10,000 Exp

Loss = 5,000 Exp

When you plant a flower:

100 Exp per planted flower.


Win on Black or Red = 5,000 Exp

Loss on Black or Red = 1,000 Exp

Win on Green = 10,000 Exp

Loss on Green = 7,500 Exp

Coin Flip:

Win = 10,000 Exp

Loss = 5,000 Exp

55x2 Bot (King Vargas):

Win = 1,000 Exp

Loss = 500 Exp

Battle Box:

Win = 10,000 Exp

Loss = 5,000 Exp

It's important to know that your Gambling Level doesn't increases your Wins it's still RNG (Random Number Generator) based.

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With the introduction of the Gambling Skill we've also made a Gambling Reward Shop!

You find it at the dicezone square by trading one of the Flower Girls.

Gambling Shop NPC.png

Here you can find all the items for your Gambling fashionscape to make your friends jealous!

Gambling Rewards Shop.png

And as icing on the cake 2 brand new Skillcapes! With a custom Skillcape Emote!

Gambling Skillcape 99.png
Gambling Skillcape 120.png
Gambling Skillcape Emote.gif
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