Getting Started

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Welcome to Redemption! Redemption is a Custom 317 private server! Our developers and staff work to bring in custom NPCs, Armour, Weapons, and Items to make our server a unique experience! This short guide aims to familiarize you with some of our items and equipment, how to get them, and how to progress to the next stage! The guide acts as a loose guide to direct you from starting to end game!

Choosing Your Gamemode

Upon joining Redemption for the very first time, you are summoned to choose your gamemode. Redemption offers 3 unique playstyles that will differentiate your experience. Choose wisely as all choices are final for that account!

Type of gamemode Experience Additional Stats
Normal Fast skilling and combat experience No extra Benefit
Hardcore Slow skilling and combat experience +20% Drop Rate and 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus

You can remove your hardcore status ::removehardcore (This is irreversible)

Ultimate iron man icon.pngIronman Mode Slow skilling and combat experience +30% Drop Rate, 25% Luck and 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus

You can't trade or use Player Owned Shops. You cant remove Ironman status

Donator Ranks

Throughout Redemption you can get certain Donator Ranks.

We have in total 6 Donator ranks which are shown below
Donator.pngDonator $3 or can be purchased using in-game currency.
Super.pngSuper Donator $5 or can be purchased using in-game currency.
Extreme Donator.pngExtreme Donator $30 or can be purchased using in-game currency.
Sponsor.pngSponsor $200 or can be obtained through upgrading Extreme Donator Ticket.
Executive.pngExecutive $800 or can be obtained by getting an Executive Totem from the Gbox while holding the Sponsor Rank.
Platinum.pngPlatinum $5,000 Total in a 365 day cycle.

Game Lay-out

Game Lay-Out.png
Tab Picture of the Tab Description
Combat Styles
Combat Styles.png
You can see the weapon you're currently wielding, your combat level, which attack style you're currently using and whether you're auto reatilating or not. (Advised to keep this on)
Skills Screenie.png
Skills as you know them, the only difference is that there are 3 CUSTOM skills ! Karma, Scavenger and Gambling. Check out the pages to know more about each skill !
Player Panel
Player Panel.png
One important Tab. This tells the current active player count, your total of referrals
which boosts you currently have (Luck/Drop Rate/Double Drop Rate)
which Daily Event is currently happening. ALSO there are 8 other screenshots following further explained ***HERE*** (add quick link - Diamond Bag)
Showcases your current inventory
Equipment Tab
Equipment Tab.png
Showcases what you're currently wearing. Clicking the Headpiece and Shield left below will show you how you look for the other players + current bonuses (Attack/Defence/Others).
The crossed swords will show you your cosmetics (often if you misclick an item and its gone, you'll find it here) - Any gear can be worn as cosmetic, just not mainhand weapon.
Prayer List
Prayer List.png
Redemption has 3 Different Prayer lists, the two common are; Normal Prayers & Lunar
The 3rd one however is filled with custom perks. Full detailed list about perks you'll find here .
Magic Spellbook
Magic Spellbook.png
Here you can choose different teleports; Home - Monster - Minigame - Boss - Pking - Skilling - City - Edgeville. Further explained ***HERE*** (add quick link - Diamond Bag)
Clan Chat
Clan Chat Screenie.png
You can switch Clan Chat Channels here; "Help" cc is the most common used if you are having questions or are unsure about certain things
"Event" is the cc you'd need if you're participating in events
"Dice" is the cc you require to be able to gamble.
Friends List
Friends List.png
Friends you come across Redemption, also players you'd like to ignore
Staff List
Staff List 1.png
Another important one to keep an eye out ! You'll find the FULL staff list here, which of the staff are online
The "Help" button (When in need of help, press this and you'll be helped as soon as possible)
The "Bug" button (if you come across a bug, feel free to add in a full explanation on how it happened, Gyazo Links work in here !)
Quick Links
Quick Links.png
Very useful tab ! Most important ones are "Guides List" - "ELO" as they will give you a fair share of information. "Guides List" will include Clue scrolls, Arcade, Gear, Pets, ...
"Toggle Mouse Button" - clicking on Npcs will give you the rightclick option, but as a leftclick
"ABC" - Your personal Yelltag, yellcolor, yellshadow (Need to be Regular Donator)
"Split-level-Chat" - Private messages toggle above your chatbox.
"Keybinding" - Set the tabs on a special key.
"More Options" - Playing on Fixed (1/4th of the screen) - Resizeable (any size to your liking) - Fullscreen (full screened)
Your daily dose of emotes (useful for clue scrolls)


Shop Name Short Description
Sarah's General General items, going from potions to weaponry.
Durka Durka Tools used for skilling mostly & food.
Elissa's Magic Store Magic items (Gear & Runes).
Vote Shop Gear & Weaponry can be bought with Vote Tickets.
Loyalty Shop Rare Items, Titles and Pets can be bought here. Currency; Loyalty Points.
Prestige Shop Not worth mentioning atm.
Skillcape Shop Not worth mentioning atm.
Achievement Shop With Achievement points, you can buy boxes / upgrades for a special cape.
Raid Rewards Shop Ultra Rare Drops from Raids can be bought here by spending Raid Points (points per kill at raids).
The Arcade Shop Master Diversity of items, useful and cosmetic - also part of medium moneymaker.
Wilderness Shop Starter Items and Boxes can be found here, with spending ::pkp (Pkpoints).
King Percival Tells you random info, doesn't sell items.
Donator Shop Sells a diversity of items who are also found in the ::store - Bonds would be needed to buy things here.
Roachey Diversity of items, mostly cosmetic ones which can be bought with Donator Points (which you receive for each donation).
Black Market Dealer Selling very very useful starter stuff you definitely need ! Worth your while to check it out.
Milestone Right Clicking him will grant you a cape when you reach all skills 10-20-30-...
Iron Man If you're an Ironman and claimed a Donator scroll, you'd lose your "Iron Man" title, talking to him will revert this. (you still hold the rank though)
Referral Shop If a friend of you joins and refers to you, you get a point. You could buy good items from this shop then with those refers. (Abuse will be noticed)
Pet Point Shop All different kinds of pets can be bought here, with ultra pet Points (when opening Ultra Pet Boxes, you get 1 point).
Clue Scroll Shop Items needed for solving Clue Scrolls, can be found here. (Barrows Gloves not, as they are obtained on another way.)
Box Set Maker Diversity of boxes can be found here, if you have loose pieces - this man will attach them together to save up inventory space.


Moneymaker How to get the money
Vote Either sell your Vote Ticket & Vote Box or try your luck and open them.
An altenative is to sell your auth codes. You get 3 each time and it happens often players are looking to buy some.
Events Events happen on a daily base, with a minimal of 4 per day. For every event, you'll need to be in the ::discord voice chat! These events can give you decent items to sell.
Penguins Head over to ::mbox and kill the penguins, they drop Clue Scrolls. Upon completion you could get some possible good loot.
Daily Tasks (Easy) Upon completing all 4 tasks, you get a free spin - this can be very rewarding.
Revenants Revenants drop Mysterious Emblems from time to time. Once you reach lvl 3 Emblem, sell them to the PK store found at ::shops.
Raiding (Voldemort) You will be needing somebody to help you out, but this one drops blizzard/crystal/dream pieces.
Raiding (Vendura) You will be needing somebody to help you out, but this one drops cash and Avery rings.
Raiding (Diablo) You will be needing somebody to help you out, but this one drops Devious / Asiimovs / Dream Pieces.
Slayer Slayer is in general a good Moneymaker.

Moneymaker How to get the money
Pest Control You'll need a minimal party of 3, and atleast 1 High Hitter. But the rewards of doing PC are definitely worth it.
Raiding (Raiden) You will be needing somebody to help you out, but this one drops Devious / Asiimovs / Dream Pieces.
The Nightmare This boss is often killed during a Mass (multiple players killing it), you can just join and make sure to not die.
Theatre of Blood Same as the Nightmare, only difference is; This raid can only be done with a party of max 5 players. The loot is rewarding for new players though.
Arcade Regular The further you get in the waves, the more points you get. With these points buy Boxes of Wisdom and sell these.
Slayer Slayer is in general a good Moneymaker.

Moneymaker How to get the money
Yu-Gi-Oh Raid Hard Minigame as it takes 1 or 2 OP players to lead you towards victory.
Arcade DC Universe A hard Moneymaker for the newer players, but a well-rewarding.
Arcade Extreme The further you get, the more points you'll get. Spend these points on Boxes of Wisdom and sell them.
Flipping As in any other game, you can try and flip. Will it make or break your pouch?
Slayer Slayer is in general a good Moneymaker.

Teleport Interface

Teleportation Dashboard.png

What are the different features of the Teleport Interface?
Teleportation Favourites 2.png

Above you can see all the types of teleports, Bosses - Raids - ..., clicking one of those will provide you further info about that section.
Then, you have the teleports shown in that section; Bosses ->Abbysal Sire, Alchemical Hydra... Inside this list, there are 2 features, either an instant link towards it's Wiki Page, or it's difficulty (Green = Easy, Yellow = Medium, Red = Hard).
Another option is to include one of the teleports towards your "favourites", which means the following. Instead of heading over to the teleport you'd like to use, you just click on it in the bottom right corner of the screen and you will be teleported there straight away (Max 3 Favourites).
But that's not all the Teleport Interface has to offer! You can also see which items the Bosses /Raids Drop and a small description about them. When you click on the little arrow right below the shown items, the full droptable will be shown !

Here you will find the different minigames Redemption has to offer.

A diversity of cities you can teleport towards.

  • Al Kharid
  • Ardougne
  • Burthorpe
  • Canifis
  • Catherby
  • Draynor Village
  • Falador
  • Lumbridge
  • Port Sarim
  • Seers' Village
  • Varrock
  • Yanille

Last but not least, all the different zones you can use to your liking.

Useful Teleports

Teleport Command Information / Use
::forums Gets you directed straight to the forums, where giveaways take place occasionally.
::wiki Gets you directed straight to the wiki, where all your necesary information is.
::discord Gets you directed straight to the discord, where events happen on a daily base and occasionally a giveaway.
::bank Gives you access to your own bank anywhere within Redemption. (Need to be Super Donator+)
::event Daily hosted events by our Event Managers, free loot!
::shops Access to where most of the shops are aligned.
::dp Teleports you to the Dropparty Room (Every $750) donated, automatically drops a variety of decent items.
::soulroom When you have obtained souls from killing Npc's, or if you want to open your Crystal Keys.
::vote Free loot when you have voted, because why not!
::voteboss After voting you can access this Vote boss for free ! Top 25 hitters get loot.
::upgrade Certain items can be upgraded, check out the full list at Upgrades.

What you should aim for

Within Redemption, your account can go many different ways. It all depends on what you're looking for in the game.

What you'd need to focus on within Pvming, would be ofcourse getting a decent Gear Set-up which can be upgraded within a few weeks / months purely by grinding.
With Pvming there are 2 main perks you need to focus on, Damage and Drop Rate.
The Damage is self explanatory, you'd need it so you can kill the Npc's much quicker instead of having to stare 5 minutes at your screen per kill.
Drop Rate however is another recommended perk. Drop Rate itself is basically reducing your amount of kills required in order to get a drop. There is a variety of items which can give you a huge boost in this perk.
After these 2 main perks, Redemption has 2 other perks to offer aswell; Luck and Double Drop Rate.
Luck itself can get you more perks aswell.

  • Opening boxes (e.g. mystery boxes and all donation boxes)
  • Soul room keys ultra rare drops
  • Raids - rare/ultra rare rewards
  • Birds nests/eagles nests - rare rewards (e.g. row i)
  • Clue Scrolls
You can get up to a maximum of 100% Luck.
Then there is Double Drop Rate. In case you would be lucky enough to get a drop from an Npc, getting your Double Drop Rate up could get you a possible Double Drop. When you have progressed further in the game, this is very useful considering you can get insane drops and having these not doubled, would be painful to see.
This perk is also capped at a maximum of 100%. You can get higher, but it wouldn't be much of a difference.

If you're looking to get rich or die trying, below you will find the different kind of Gambles Redemption has to offer for you.
Make sure when you are making a bet or accepting one, you DOUBLECHECK the other players bet.

Gamble Name Information / Use
Dice Duel Duel Ft (First to) 1 - 3 - 5: Place your bet, choose the number you want to get Ft'd for, check the bet again and gamble away. Who ever gets First to 1/3/5 wins the pot. Rolls from 0 -> 100.
Flower Poker Try getting lucky with the automated Flower Poker system. Bust < 1 Pair < 2 Pair < 3 of a Kind < Full House < 4 of a Kind < 5 of a Kind.
Npc Duel Accept the terms and let Redemptions' NPC's fight it out for you ! Godzilla or Donkey Kong, who will win!?
Coin Flip Choose Head or Tails, whatever it lands on, the person who chose that outcome is the winner.
Roulette The all time favourite game, Multiple bets can be placed, on 1 or multiple numbers, on a full set, ...
Goodiebox Gambling In order for this, both will need a Goodiebox of the same type, after you both have clicked the option, you open the goodiebox and the one who has the better loot gets to keep both prizes.
Boxing Box your way to freedom, Duel Arena rules.
Slots Feeling Lucky? Try out the automated Slots ! 2M or 50M bets, the choice is up to you !

I'd advize you to first learn the items and their currency before attempting this, otherwise you could get broke from 1 item without even knowing it.

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