Infinity Aura (i).png

The Infinity Aura (i) is the enhanced version of the Infinity Aura.

Using this aura grants the following bonuses:

  • All lvl 4 Aura effects
  • 20% Drop rate, Double Drop rate, and Luck Bonus
  • Prayer Restore
  • Soulsplit Effect
  • 40% Tribrid Boost (Range, Mage, Melee)
  • Double Experience Rate (Does not apply to custom skills)
  • Passive income of 5m DSCoins per hour.
  • 10% increased chance to find Battle Pet Totems

This item can be acquired by using an Infinity Aura Upgrade Scroll on an Infinity Aura. This can be purchased from the Redemptionrsps Store for $300. OR By using all level 4 Auras onto the Infinity Aura.

  • Note, lvl 4 includes all 13 level 4 auras: Mystic, Augury, Berserker, Diamond Skin, Fortunate Favor, Fortune, Godsend, Lucky Stars, Trinity, Anti-Poison, Grinder, Lady Luck, and Totem Farmer.

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