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Infinity Keys.png

Infinity Key.png
The Infinity Key is a new universal drop which opens the Infinity Chest. It is a replacement for the Treasure Chest and Chest Key System, which was discontinued with the Infinity Keys's release.

It is also not a simple replacement for the old system, but instead a complete revamp, including an all-new rewards list.

The Infinity Chest is located at the Soul Room (accessed with the ::soulroom command).

Opening the chest will deposit the prize directly into your bank.

Infinity Chest.png
The Infinity Chest location.

The drops list for the Infinity Chest hasn't been released. The following is as complete a list as possible from in-game testing, and will be added to continuously as more rewards are observed.

If you receive a reward which is not on this list, please contact a wiki editor!!

All reward rates are unknown.

Item Quantity Rarity
Flippers.png Flippers 1 Unknown
Bronze Coin.png Bronze Coin 1 Unknown
Black Halloween Mask.png Black Halloween Mask 1 Unknown
Hot Halloween Mask.png Hot Halloween Mask 1 Unknown
Gold Halloween Mask.png Gold Halloween Mask 1 Unknown
Shasta Brutal Whip.png Shasta Brutal Whip 1 Unknown
Shadow Brutal Whip.png Shadow Brutal Whip 1 Unknown
Elemental Brutal Whip.png Elemental Brutal Whip 1 Unknown
Gold Brutal Whip.png Gold Brutal Whip 1 Unknown
Lime Santa.png Lime Santa 1 Unknown
Rainbow Santa Hat.png Rainbow Santa Hat 1 Unknown
Black Santa Hat.png Black Santa Hat 1 Unknown
White Santa Hat.png White Santa Hat 1 Unknown
Icy Santa.png Icy Santa 1 Unknown
Blood Santa.png Blood Santa 1 Unknown
Elite Pernix Cowl.png Elite Pernix Cowl 1 Unknown
Elite Pernix Body.png Elite Pernix Body 1 Unknown
Elite Pernix Chaps.png Elite Pernix Chaps 1 Unknown
Elite Virtus Mask.png Elite Virtus Mask 1 Unknown
Elite Virtus Top.png Elite Virtus Top 1 Unknown
Elite Virtus Legs.png Elite Virtus Legs 1 Unknown
Elite Torva Helm.png Elite Torva Helm 1 Unknown
Elite Torva Platebody.png Elite Torva Platebody 1 Unknown
Elite Torva Platelegs.png Elite Torva Platelegs 1 Unknown
American Partyhat.png American Partyhat 1 Unknown
Black & White Partyhat.png Black & White Partyhat 1 Unknown
Red Boxing Gloves.png Red Boxing Gloves 1 Unknown
Blue Boxing Gloves.png Blue Boxing Gloves 1 Unknown
American Boxing Gloves.png American Boxing Gloves 1 Unknown
American Virtus Mask.png American Virtus Mask 1 Unknown
American Virtus Robe Top.png American Virtus Robe Top 1 Unknown
American Virtus Robe Legs.png American Virtus Robe Legs 1 Unknown
American Pernix Cowl.png American Pernix Cowl 1 Unknown
American Pernix Body.png American Pernix Body 1 Unknown
American Pernix Chaps.png American Pernix Chaps 1 Unknown
Seers Boots.png Seers Boots 1 Unknown
Archer Boots.png Archer Boots 1 Unknown
Berserker Boots.png Berserker Boots 1 Unknown
Bazooka.png Bazooka 1 Unknown
Bazooka (u).png Bazooka (u) 1 Unknown
Sled.png Sled 1 Unknown
Angelic Deathcape.png Angelic Deathcape 1 Unknown
Fallen Deathcape.png Fallen Deathcape 1 Unknown
Fallen Deathcape (U).png Fallen Deathcape (U) 1 Unknown
Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle 1 Unknown
Golden Ak-47.png Golden Ak-47 1 Unknown
AWP Asiimov.png AWP Asiimov 1 Unknown
Ak-47 Asiimov.png Ak-47 Asiimov 1 Unknown
M4A4 Asiimov.png M4A4 Asiimov 1 Unknown
Wizzy Torva Helm.png Wizzy Torva Helm 1 Unknown
Wizzy Torva Platebody.png Wizzy Torva Platebody 1 Unknown
Wizzy Torva Legs.png Wizzy Torva Legs 1 Unknown
Ice Katana.png Ice Katana 1 Unknown
Golden Katana.png Golden Katana 1 Unknown
Seers Cape.png Seers Cape 1 Unknown
Archers Cape.png Archers Cape 1 Unknown
Berserker Cape.png Berserker Cape 1 Unknown
Gold Chain.png Gold Chain 1 Unknown
Nocturnal Chain.png Nocturnal Chain 1 Unknown
Bass Guitar.png Bass Guitar 1 Unknown
Inga Sword.png Inga Sword 1 Unknown
Extreme Donator Ticket.png Extreme Donator Ticket 1 Unknown
Ring of Wealth (i).png Ring of Wealth (i) 1 Unknown
Royal Sicle (u).png Royal Sicle (u) 1 Unknown
Phoenix Egg.png Phoenix Egg 1 Unknown
Green Scythe.png Green Scythe 1 Unknown
Icy Boots.png Icy Boots 1 Unknown
Ring of Morphing.png Ring of Morphing 1 Unknown
Mystery Box.png Mystery Box 1 Unknown
Super Mystery Box.png Super Mystery Box 1 Unknown
Gandalf's Staff.png Gandalf's Staff 1 Unknown
Tactical Box.png Tactical Box 1 Unknown
Double or Nothing Box.png Double or Nothing Box 1 Unknown
Hallucination Torva Helm.png Hallucination Torva Helm 1 Unknown
Hallucination Torva Platebody.png Hallucination Torva Platebody 1 Unknown
Hallucination Torva Platelegs.png Hallucination Torva Platelegs 1 Unknown
UMP.png UMP 1 Unknown
UMP (Silenced).png UMP (Silenced) 1 Unknown
Rick Pet.png Rick Pet 1 Unknown
Morty pet.png Morty pet 1 Unknown
Minigun.png Minigun 1 Unknown
Necromancer Jr.png Necromancer Jr 1 Unknown
Diablo Jr.png Diablo Jr 1 Unknown
Khione's Staff.png Khione's Staff 1 Unknown
Charged Crystal.png Charged Crystal 1 Unknown
Spatula.png Spatula 1 Unknown
Meat Tenderizer.png Meat Tenderizer 1 Unknown
Dream Godsword.png Dream Godsword 1 Unknown
Olaf´s Scythe.png Olaf´s Scythe 1 Unknown
Olaf´s Cape.png Olaf´s Cape 1 Unknown
Olaf´s Helm.png Olaf´s Helm 1 Unknown
Olaf´s Platebody.png Olaf´s Platebody 1 Unknown
Olaf´s Platelegs.png Olaf´s Platelegs 1 Unknown
Crystal Helm.png Crystal Helm 1 Unknown
Crystal Platebody.png Crystal Platebody 1 Unknown
Crystal Platelegs.png Crystal Platelegs 1 Unknown
Aqua Spirit Shield.png Aqua Spirit Shield 1 Unknown
Ringmaster Hat.png Ringmaster Hat 1 Unknown
Ringmaster Shirt.png Ringmaster Shirt 1 Unknown
Ringmaster Pants.png Ringmaster Pants 1 Unknown
Ringmaster Boots.png Ringmaster Boots 1 Unknown
Blood Sniper Rifle.png Blood Sniper Rifle 1 Unknown
Devious Helmet.png Devious Helmet 1 Unknown
Devious Platebody.png Devious Platebody 1 Unknown
Devious Legs.png Devious Legs 1 Unknown
Lava Scythe.png Lava Scythe 1 Unknown