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Karma is a brand new skill, completely custom and unique to Redemption. It centers around the struggle between Good and Evil, and to signify that, it can be trained in two directions. Players who choose the side of Good train the skill in the positive direction, with a max level of 150, while players who choose the side of Evil train in the negative direction, with a max level of -150.

Becasue of the size of the Karma Skill, including all of it's planned rewards, it is being released across several updates. The first update introduced the skill and it's training methods, while future updates will center around the skill's rewards.

Most of the skill's training surrounds making sacrifices, but there are some other passive and active training methods as well. For a full training guide, see Karma Skill Guide

Karma Quest.png

In order to teach you a little more about Karma Skill as well as delving into Redemptionrsps Lore!

We introduce Redemptionrsps's First in what we hope to be a series of quests dealing with the curious and intruding world of Am'orth!

To start this quest you will need to obtain a Xebos Invitation (random drop while pvm'ing / buying it from another player)

Once you teleport to Xebos you will begin to talk with the boss. At the end of the dialogue you will be given a choice. Will you fight Xebos and attempt to gain control? (EVIL) or will you befriend Xebos and attempt to make peace? (GOOD)

This choice will define your faction and set your path for training the new Karma Skill!


For those who have chosen to be good, they will train up Karma like any other skill (to lvl 150 cap)

For those who have chosen to be evil, they will train their Karma level down (to lvl -150 cap)

Xebos is in his final form and will prove to be a tough opponent, spawning Guardians of Am'orth to try to take you down!

Note: Xebos and all of the Guardian of Am'orth have 450k hp so be prepared for a battle!

Note: Level 17 Slayer is REQUIRED to fight Xebos
Note: It is HIGHLY advised to bring an AOE range weapon (Ak-47 Asiimov) as there the minion's use Protect from Magic

After defeating Xebos and the Guardian of Am'orth's, You will then be given information about gaining access to Am'orth and will be able to find your way to your respective guild!

Karma Book Information.png

The 4 kings are located within their respective castles, upon killing them you will receive their head. Then, combine all 4 head to make your respective staff.

Upon completing the quest you will be given either the Staff of Evil or the Staff of Good! This item (rather like the Ring of Kinship for Dungeoneering) is used to help train the skill and teleport to each respective guild!

Karma Staff Stats.png

You will notice the staff will change as you level up! The higher your karma level, the more charge the staff gains!

Karma Staff Lvl 1                                                                                                    Karma Staff Lvl ± 150
Karma Staff Lvl 1
Karma Staff Lvl ± 150

Karma Guilds.png

Karma Guilds are a part of the new custom skill, Karma. They were designed to centralize all of the skill's training methods, aiding the player in their training. Inside, you will find all the tools, NPCs, and facilities needed to train the Karma Skill. Entry into the guild requires completion of the Karma Quest, and can be achieved by using the respective Karma Staff for your guild.

The guilds are laid out like a cross, with a central platform and four different smaller platforms to the north, south, east, and west.

The central platform contains the Karmic Altar, the dog, the Karma Guide, the Karmic Task Master, and the Karma Monk, which sells Altar Offerings.

The Northern Platform contains the karmic stalls, the Western Platform holds the Karma Tree, the Southern Platform holds the Karma Statue, and the Eastern Platform contains each guild's respective wells.

The Well of Goodwill and Well of Bad Will are new parts of the karma skill. DSCoins donated to either well give the player 1 Karma exp per 1000 DSCoin donated. The Well of Goodwill communicates positive benefits upon the whole server whenever certain donation goals are reached. The Well of Bad Will, however, counteracts those effects, but only at half the rate. This means that every 1 DSCoin donated to the Well of Goodwill requires 2 DSCoins to be added to the Well of Bad Will in order to be counteracted.

Karmic Slayer.png

Karmic Slayer was implemented with the addition of the Karma Skill on July 9th, 2019. You can now get a task at lvl ± 60 Karma from one of two new slayer masters! These slayer masters can be found by the tree of life at their respective guild.

Good Slayer.png
Evil Slayer.png

These new slayer masters all give Tier 5 Slayer Tasks and upon completion you will be awarded: 20,000 Karmic Kismets, and a 1% chance to receive a Kismet Box

NOTE: The task npcs have required slayer levels to kill, so you must have the required level to complete the Karma task as well!

In addition to this at level 85 Karma you can get the Good/Evil slayer masters to assign you an Abyssal Sire task for 100k Coins! This is great for those looking to stock up on Crystal (Abyssal Sire) and upgrade their dream armour!

Slayer Tasks
Monsters Experience
Buzz Lightyear 1200
Norbert 1200
Daggett 1200
Teletubbies 1200
Perry the Platypus 2000
Catdog 1500
Pumba 1200
Timon 1200
Beavis 2500
Butthead 2500
Ed 2000
Edd 2000
Eddy 2000
Dexter 1200
DeeDee 1200
Rocco 1500
Hepher 1500
Ed Big Head 1500
Ren 1750
Stimpy 1750
Courage 1200
Carl Wheezer 3000
Jimmy Neutron 3000
Tommy Pickles 2500
Chucky 2500
Sully 20000
Oblina 12500
Ickis 12500
Krumm 12500
Hormone 20000
Kim Possible 2500
Undead War General 3000
Dreadnaut 3000
Demon Conjurer 3500
Tainted Warmaster 3750
Helwyr Elf 7500
Ancient Guardian 9000
Ancient Wizard 9000
Ancient Crusader 9000
Corrupted Priest 15000
Demonic SPellcaster 17500
Abyssal Sire 7500

Karmic Tasks.png

Karmic Tasks are a method of training the new Karma Skill. They are very similar to slayer, but can include skilling or buying items from shops.

Task Master.png
The tasks are assigned by the taskmaster pertaining to the player's guild. The tasks are the same for both guild. Each task consists of five jobs the player must complete before returning to the taskmaster.

The 5 jobs are chosen at random from the following list (click expand to see the list):

Kill 25 Magegrays

Kill 50 Shadow Kings

Kill 50 Sea Troll Queens

Kill 50 Tormented Demons

Chop 100 Magic Trees

Chop 150 Yew trees

Eat 100 Sharks

Craft 100 Air runes

Craft 100 Mind runes

Craft 100 Earth runes

Craft 100 Water runes

Cut 100 Normal logs

Cut 100 Oak logs

Kill 100 Pikachus

Kill 25 Chaos Elementals

Mine 75 Tin Ores

Mine 75 Copper Ores

Catch 75 Dragon Implings

Smith 50 Bronze Bars

Cut 150 Dragonstones

Pick 250 Flax

Cook 100 Sharks

Catch 150 Monkfish

Cook 200 Monkfish

Kill 100 Dragonbones

Kill 150 Thugbobs

Kill 125 Luigi's

Kill 50 Icy Skeletons

Kill 50 Phoenix

Kill 75 Bork

Open 125 Mystery Boxes

Use 200 Crystal Keys on Chest

Bury 300 Penguin Bones

Bury 200 Frost Bones

Bury 100 Icy Bones

Bury 50 Phoenix Bones

Karma Statue.png

Karma Statue Image.png
The Karma Statue is a way of sacrificing items, mainly combat gear, in exchange for Karma experience and Karmic Kismets. It is by far the fastest method currently in game for training the Karma Skill, but it is also wildly expensive.

It can be found on the Southern Platform in the player's respective Karma Guild.

The items which can be sacrificed, as well as their experience and Kismet values are as follows (click "Show" to see the list):

Karma Offerings
Item EXP Gained Karmic Kismets received
Ak-47 Asiimov 50k 10k
Amorth Helm 3750 500
Amorth Body 3750 500
Amorth Legs 3750 500
Amorth Cape 3750 500
Ancient Wyvern Shield 15m 3.75m
Archer's Boots 75k 10k
Seer's Boots 75k 10k
Beserker's Boots 75k 10k
Audemars Piguet Watch 25m 5m
AWP Asiimov 50k 10k
Axe of Revenge 25m 5m
Batman Mask 2.5m 625k
Batman Body 2.5m 625k
Batman Legs 2.5m 625k
Batman Boots 2.5m 625k
BFG9000 1m 250k
BFG9000 1m 250k
BFG9000 Offhand 1m 250k
BFG9000 (i) 1.5m 500k
BFG9000 (i) Offhand 1.5m 500k
Crystal Helm 50k 10k
Crystal Body 50k 10k
Crystal Legs 50k 10k
Devious Helm 50k 10k
Devious Body 50k 10k
Devious Legs 50k 10k
Diablo Pet 50k 10k
Diaboloic Bow 1.25m 350k
Dragonfire Ward 500k 125k
Dragontooth Necklace 1m 250k
Dream Helm 250k 62.5k
Dream Body 250k 62.5k
Dream Legs 250k 62.5k
Dream Range Helm 250k 62.5k
Dream Range Body 250k 62.5k
Dream Range Legs 250k 62.5k
Dream Mage Helm 250k 62.5k
Dream Mage Body 250k 62.5k
Dream Mage Legs 250k 62.5k
Elemental Helm 3750 500
Elemental Body 3750 500
Elemental Legs 3750 500
Emperor`s Neckalce 30m 7.5m
Emperor's Ring 7.5m 1.875m
Eternal Crystal Helm 75k 18.75k
Eternal Crystal Body 75k 18.75k
Eternal Crystal Legs 75k 18.75k
Eternal Khione`s Staff 75k 18.75k
Golden Minigun 25k 6.25k
Helicopter Pet 500k 125k
Icy Glaive 5m 1.25m
Infernal Hat 3750 500
Infernal Body 3750 500
Infernal Legs 3750 500
Infernal Gloves 3750 500
Infernal Boots 3750 500
Infernal Kiteshield 3750 500
Infinity Gauntlets (Charged) 2.5m 625k
Khione's Staff 40k 10k
Longclaw 50k 12.5k
M4 Asiimov 25k 6.25k
Minigun 25k 6.25k
Nax Amulet 25k 6.25k
Necromancer Pet 25k 6.25k
Obsidian Virtus Mask 1.5m 375k
Obsidian Virtus Top 1.5m 375k
Obsidian Virtus Bottom 1.5m 375k
Odium Ward 1m 250k
Olaf's Helm 3750 500
Olaf's Platebody 3750 500
Olaf's Platelegs 3750 500
Olaf's Cape 3750 500
Olaf's Death Scythe 3750 500
The Power Stone 750k 187.5k
Quantum Boots 225k 30k
Scythe of Vitur 3.75m 937.5k
Skotizo Hat 2.5m 625k
Skotizo Body 2.5m 625k
Skotizo Legs 2.5m 625k
Skotizo Cape 2.5m 625k
Soulflare (u) 5000 1250
Soulflare (x) 10k 2500
Soulflare 2500 625
Space Boxing Gloves 225K 30K
Space Spirit Shield 120k 15k
Space Pernix Helm 500k 125k
Space Pernix Body 500k 125k
Space Pernix Legs 500k 125k
Space Virtus Helm 500k 125k
Space Virtus Body 500k 125k
Space Virtus Legs 500k 125k
Stone of Power 10m 2.5m
Stone of Redemption 1.5m 375k
Stone of Ressurection 1.5m 375k
Stone of Vengeance 1.5m 375k
Stone of Healing 1.5m 375k
Tam Amulet 25k 6.25k
Thanos Pet 2.5m 625k
Thumper 6.25m 1.5m
Ultimate Dream Katana 75k 18.75k
Ultimate Stone 20m 5m
Vendura Ring 500k 125k
Voldemort Dream Staff 500k 125k
Yix Amulet 25k 6.25k

Mad King Raid Logo.png

Introducing Raid 8!

The Mad King Raid!

This raid is only accessible to those with level 90 or level -90 Karma

There are 4 pesky stages for you to endure in order to complete it!

Wave 1

In this wave you will have to kill The Mad Prince. Only melee attacks can be used and he has 500k HP. NOTE: You can't attack when he is engraged, he must return to normal size before you can attack. This process keeps repeating where he enrages and returns to normal.

Mad Prince.png

Wave 2

In this wave you will have to kill The Mad Prince Regent. Only Magic attacks can be used and he has 350k HP. NOTE: You can't attack him when his minions are alive, they must all be killed before you can do damage

Mad Prince Regent.png

Wave 3

In this wave you will have to kill The Mad King. Only Range attacks can be used and he has 625k HP. NOTE: You can't attack when he is engraged, when he says "I feel weak" is when you can do damage

Mad King.png

Wave 4

In this wave you will have to kill The Insidious Queen. All three combat styles will need to be used as she switches protection prayer between all of them (Same system as Thanos in the Avengers Arcade). NOTE: Will constantly teleport around the room and you have to wait to attack.

Insidious Queen.png

Upon completing the raid you will be rewarded with 5k Karma Exp and 1k Karmic Kismet's, As well as a random drop (using the same drop table as the Shredder !)

The Karma Reward Shop is accessed by talking to the Karma Guide at the player's respective Karma Guild. It gives access to all the rewards available from the Karma Skill, at the cost of Karmic Kismets. Ironmen receive a hefty discount paying only 33% (roughly) of the regular store price.

The Evil Karma Shop
Evil Shop.png

The Good Karma Shop

Good Shop.png
Karma Reward shop Pricing
Good Evil Level Requirement Price Ironman Price
Trail Mix Bag of Cheetos 1 10,000 Karmic Kismets 3,333 Karmic Kismets
Fitbit Skateboard 10 1,000,000 Karmic Kismets 333,333 Karmic Kismets
Bag of Redemption Fanny Pack 20 2,500,000 Karmic Kismets 833,333 Karmic Kismets
Holy Incense Vape 30 5,000,000 Karmic Kismets 1,666,666 Karmic Kismets
Prayer Candle Rayban Shades 40 7,500,000 Karmic Kismets 2,500,000 Karmic Kismets
Book of Blessings Gucci Shades 50 10,000,000 Karmic Kismets 3,333,333 Karmic Kismets
Holy Relic Versace Shades 60 12,500,000 Karmic Kismets 4,166,666 Karmic Kismets
Organ Electric Guitar 70 15,000,000 Karmic Kismets 5,000,000 Karmic Kismets
Communion Cup P.I.M.P. Goblet 80 20,000,000 Karmic Kismets 6,666,666 Karmic Kismets
Emergency GPS iPhone 90 25,000,000 Karmic Kismets 8,333,333 Karmic Kismets
Holy Scrimshaw Rolex Watch 99 30,000,000 Karmic Kismets 10,000,000 Karmic Kismets
Divine Scrimshaw Patek Phillipe Watch 110 40,000,000 Karmic Kismets 13,333,333 Karmic Kismets
Scrimshaw of the Protectorate Audermars Piguet Watch 120 50,000,000 Karmic Kismets 16,666,666 Karmic Kismets
Hammer Of The Gods Axe Of Revenge 140 100,000,000 Karmic Kismets 33,333,333 Karmic Kismets