Redemption RSPS Wiki
Redemption RSPS Wiki

For aslong as you retain the "active" status of playing Redemptionrsps and not afking, you will be rewarded Loyalty Points.

Rank Points Per Hour
None 100
Donator.png Donator 110
Super.png Super Donator 120
Extreme Donator.png Extreme Donator 130
Sponsor.png Sponsor 140
Executive.png Executive 150
Platinum.png Platinum 160

Loyalty Shop.png
Loyalty shop.png

Item Name Cost
Veteran cape.png
Veteran Cape 100,000 Points
Elite Pernix Set 3,000 Points
Dragonbone Melee Set.png
Dragonbone Set 3,000 Points 
Loyal banner.png
Loyal Banner 8,000 Points
Ronin Set 15,000 Points
Lightbringer shield.png
Lightbringer Shield 20,000 Points
Aizu Set 25,000 Points
Saradomin hammer.png
Saradomin Hammer 15,000 Points
Berserker gloves.png
Berserker Gloves 25,000 Points
Anguish Gloves 25,000 Points
Mystic Gloves 25,000 Points
The Reefer Set 40,000 Points

Titles Cost
Assassin 3,500 Points
The Fashionable 2,500 Points
The Joker 3,000 Points
The Furious 2,000 Points
Stoner 3,000 Points
The Legendary 4,500 Points
The Rich 5,500 Points
The Addict 10,000 Points
The Snake 2,500 Points
The Eliminator 2,500 Points
The Crusher 2,500 Points
The Terminator 7,500 Points
The Unstoppable 10,000 Points
Rainmaker 12,500 Points
The Grinder 15,000 Points
Quadrillionaire 20,000 Points
No Life 25,000 Points

Pets Name Cost
Crash bandicoot pet.gif
Crash Bandicoot pet

+15% Drop Rate

50,000 Points
Space invaderpet.gif
Space Invader Pet

+2X EXP(Can Stack)

10,000 Points
Pacman pet.gif
Pacman jr Pet +7.5% Droprate/Double Droprate

15,000 Points
Knuckles Pet Out.png
Knuckles Pet +7.5% Drop Rate

+7.5% Double Droprate

7,500 Points