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The Redemptionrsps Marketplace is a new take on the old player owned shop system, including many new tools to make your merching easier than ever!

What Is the Marketplace? Similar to the grand exchange in regular RS, the marketplace system allows players to manage their sales and purchases without dealing with tedious trades with other players. The System also has features which track sales across the server by all players, as well as your own personal purchases.

When accessing the Marketplace, you will land on the screen below.

Marketplace Landing.png

On the Left side of the interface, you can see any items that you've personally listed. The right side has the many options available to your merchant needs!

Clicking the "Claim" button will collect any DScoins stored from your sales.

Clicking the "Sell" button in base interface will alter the left portion to a flashing yellow box. Left or right clicking an item within your inventory will allow you to sell that item.

Marketplace sell.png

After selecting an item for sale you are can set your own price. You can also alter that price at 5% increments for easier price management!

Marketplace sell2.png
All items sold are taxed by 5% to help balance the amount of currency within the economy. Platinum Partners are only taxed 3% on their sales.

While we await the arrival of buy orders in a future update, using the username or item search function will allow you to search for items you wish to purchase, or to view any items listed by a specific players. Below is the interface when searching for Penguin Bones.

Marketplace buy1.png
Left clicking on the item thumbnail on the far left of the interface will purchase one of the item. Right click for multi-buy options! The other columns contain useful information such as total item stock, seller name, price, and when the items were posted on the marketplace.

The Marketplace system has three different forms of sale history.

Personal History: A detailed history of items you have purchased since the update.

Marketplace personal.png

Recent History: A detailed history of all item sales across the server.

Marketplace recent.png

Item History: A detailed history of all the sales of a specific item on the server.

Marketplace item2.png