Redemption RSPS Wiki

The Dreamscape Wikia Team's Roles/Responsibilities

Trial Editor Responsibilities: Complete A Task In A Certain Duration

  • Given a task that MUST be completed.
  • Adding images.
  • Adding hyperlinks.
  • Be connected via wikia/discord.

GFX Editor's Responsibilities: Add/Update Images

  • Create new images that will be featured on pages.
  • Create transparent images.

Price Guide Editor's Responsibilities: Update Missing Content & Other

  • Fill new or missing sections for the Price Guide.
  • Frequently update donation prices and or ingame value on the Price Guide.

Editor's Responsibilities: Content Creator

  • Correcting page erros; Broken links, spelling, punctuation etc.
  • Creating new pages, templates, and or adding images.
  • Making sure that our popular pages are finished or being improved.

Manager's Responsibilities: Managing

  • Full schedule control.
  • Creating and organizing user/team tasks. Such as cleaning up the special pages.
  • Inform users of new information.
  • Promote/Demote users.
  • Security backup.

Founder's Responsibilities: Revising

  • Inform users of new information.
  • Revise/improve pages.
  • Security backup.