Mystery Box
The mystery awaits in this box. This box can be retrieved from numerous different NPC's, and other. It's main location can be found at ::mbox
Item Quantity Rarity
Crystal Key.png Crystal Key 1 Unknown
Obsidian cape.png Obsidian cape 1 Unknown
Scythe.png Scythe 1 Unknown
Robin Hood Hat.png Robin Hood Hat 1 Unknown
Rat Pole.png Rat Pole 1 Unknown
Chompy Bird Hat.png Chompy Bird Hat 1 Unknown
Black Cavalier.png Black Cavalier 1 Unknown
Mole Nose.png Mole Nose 1 Unknown
Spotted Cape.png Spotted Cape 1 Unknown
Casket.png Casket 1 Unknown
Lederhosen Hat.png Lederhosen Hat 1 Unknown
Abyssal Whip.png Abyssal Whip 1 Unknown
Rock-Shell Helm.png Rock-Shell Helm 1 Unknown
Rock-Shell Platebody.png Rock-Shell Platebody 1 Unknown
Rock-Shell Legs.png Rock-Shell Legs 1 Unknown
Spined Helm.png Spined Helm 1 Unknown
Spined Chaps.png Spined Chaps 1 Unknown
Spined Body.png Spined Body 1 Unknown
Skeletal Helm.png Skeletal Helm 1 Unknown
Skeletal Top.png Skeletal Top 1 Unknown
Skeletal Bottoms.png Skeletal Bottoms 1 Unknown
Seers' Ring (i).png Seers' Ring (i) 1 Unknown
Berserker Ring (i).png Berserker Ring (i) 1 Unknown
Archers’ Ring (i).png Archers’ Ring (i) 1 Unknown
Warrior Ring (i).png Warrior Ring (i) 1 Unknown
Granite Maul.png Granite Maul 1 Unknown
Ring of Wealth.png Ring of Wealth 1 Unknown
Amulet of Fury.png Amulet of Fury 1 Unknown
Dragon Full Helm.png Dragon Full Helm 1 Unknown
Dragon Platebody.png Dragon Platebody 1 Unknown
Dragon Chainbody.png Dragon Chainbody 1 Unknown
Dragon Platelegs.png Dragon Platelegs 1 Unknown
Dragon Plateskirt.png Dragon Plateskirt 1 Unknown
Dragon Boots.png Dragon Boots 1 Unknown
Dragon Claws.png Dragon Claws 1 Unknown
Double XP Ring.png Double XP Ring 1 Unknown
Flame Pernix Cowl.png Flame Pernix Cowl 1 Unknown
Flame Pernix Body.png Flame Pernix Body 1 Unknown
Flame Pernix Chaps.png Flame Pernix Chaps 1 Unknown
Flame Torva Helm.png Flame Torva Helm 1 Unknown
Flame Torva Body.png Flame Torva Body 1 Unknown
Flame Torva Legs.png Flame Torva Legs 1 Unknown
Flame Gloves.png Flame Gloves 1 Unknown
White Glass Wings.png White Glass Wings 1 Unknown
Ak-47.png Ak-47 1 Unknown
Drygore Offhand.png Drygore Offhand 1 Unknown
Royal Sicle.png Royal Sicle 1 Unknown
Dragonbone Mage Hat.png Dragonbone Mage Hat 1 Unknown
Dragonbone Mage Top.png Dragonbone Mage Top 1 Unknown
Dragonbone Mage Bottoms.png Dragonbone Mage Bottoms 1 Unknown
Dragonbone Melee Helm.png Dragonbone Melee Helm 1 Unknown
Dragonbone Melee Platebody.png Dragonbone Melee Platebody 1 Unknown
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs.png Dragonbone Melee Platelegs 1 Unknown
Gold Chain.png Gold Chain 1 Unknown
Dream Wing Boots.png Dream Wing Boots 1 Unknown
Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle 1 Unknown
Ice katana.png Ice katana 1 Unknown
Golden Katana.png Golden Katana 1 Unknown
Royal Sicle (u).png Royal Sicle (u) 1 Unknown
Scoped Rifle (u).png Scoped Rifle (u) 1 Unknown
Ice Offhand.png Ice Offhand 1 Unknown
Nocturnal Chain.png Nocturnal Chain 1 Unknown
Elite Virtus Mask.png Elite Virtus Mask 1 Unknown
Elite Virtus Top.png Elite Virtus Top 1 Unknown
Elite Virtus Legs.png Elite Virtus Legs 1 Unknown
Mystery Box Pet.png Mystery Box Pet 1 Unknown
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