Party Boss
Party Boss.png
Combat Level 8550
Hitpoints 5000+
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive No
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 4.gif
Max Hit unknown
Weakness Range/Melee
Always Drops None
Examine It's a Woman
Party Boss
The Party Pete Boss is one of the most festive bosses we've had yet! This boss has a level of 8550 and has melee-based attacks. To kill the boss, you must first kill 20 Party Minions. Once you have completed all of the kills required you can then enter the room through the yellow portal, which is located in the middle of the Party Minions. This boss can be accessed by typing the command ::pp in-game.
In order to kill this boss, it's recommended to use at least Flame or American Torva. Along with, using Ice katana, a  space jamAssault rifle, or even a minigun. By successfully killing 20 Party Bosses, you are prompted to teleport outside, into the minion area, and by then you need to repeat the process.
The Party Pete Boss does NOT drop souls, maintaining its common and uncommon drops.The Party Pete boss along with all other NPC's in Redemptionrsps, drops the Infinity Key and immortal stone fragments 
Possible Loots
Item Quantity Rarity
Blue Charm.png Blue Charm 1 Common
Crimson Charm.png Crimson Charm 1 Common
Gold Charm.png Gold Charm 1 Common
Green Charm.png Green Charm 1 Common
Santa Hat.png Santa Hat 1 Common
Blue Partyhat.png Blue Partyhat 1 Common
Green Partyhat.png Green Partyhat 1 Common
Purple Partyhat.png Purple Partyhat 1 Common
Red Partyhat.png Red Partyhat 1 Common
White Partyhat.png White Partyhat 1 Common
Yellow Partyhat.png Yellow Partyhat 1 Common
Infinity Key.png Infinity Key 1 Uncommon
Adamant Partyhat.png Adamant Partyhat 1 Rare
American Partyhat.png American Partyhat 1 Rare
Barrows Partyhat.png Barrows Partyhat 1 Rare
Black Partyhat.png Black Partyhat 1 Rare
Bronze Partyhat.png Bronze Partyhat 1 Rare
Diamond Partyhat.png Diamond Partyhat 1 Rare
Dragon Partyhat.png Dragon Partyhat 1 Rare
Lava Partyhat.png Lava Partyhat 1 Rare
Lime Partyhat.png Lime Partyhat 1 Rare
Mithril Partyhat.png Mithril Partyhat 1 Rare
Pink Partyhat.png Pink Partyhat 1 Rare
Rainbow Partyhat.png Rainbow Partyhat 1 Rare
Rune Partyhat.png Rune Partyhat 1 Rare
Steel Partyhat.png Steel Partyhat 1 Rare
Rainbow Godsword.png Rainbow Godsword 1 Very Rare
Pete Hat.png Pete Hat 1 Very Rare
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