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What is Pest Control

It is a multi-person minigame where you, as a team, will have to destroy 4 portals (East / South-East / South-West / West).
These portals are locked at the beginning. After a few seconds the Game Chat tells you which one becomes unlocked. You will need to attack the NPC guarding the portal. After a few seconds, another portal will open. This continues until they're all opened. Currently every guard has 2.5M Hp.

What are the Requirements?
  • Pest Control needs atleast 3 players, maximum 25.
  • You MUST deal 200.000 damage before you get rewarded !
What is in it for me?

So first of all, you will need to have dealed 200.000 damage.
Then, if you're a non-donator up to Extreme Donator, you get 1 Point.
Sponsor up till Platinum, will get you 2 Points.
Possibly there could be a bond given aswell, rare chance though.

Pest Control Shop.png
Items Pest Control Points
Antique Lamps 20 PC Points
Space Virtus Helm 100 PC Points
Space Virtus Body 100 PC Points
Space Virtus Bottoms 100 PC Points
Space Pernix Helm 100 PC Points
Space Pernix Body 100 PC Points
Space Pernix Legs 100 PC Points
Space Boxing Gloves 50 PC Points
Quantum Boots 50 PC Points
Space Spirit Shield 50 PC Points
Power Stone 50 PC Points
Mind Stone 50 PC Points
Space Stone 50 PC Points
Time Stone 50 PC Points
Reality Stone 50 PC Points
Soul Stone 50 PC Points
Helicopter Pet 150 PC Points
BFG9000 200 PC Points
BFG9000 Offhand 200 PC Points
Diamond Bag 200 PC Points
Black Diamond Box 200 PC Points
Kismet Box 100 PC Points
$5 Bond 300 PC Points