Redemption RSPS Wiki

Notice, due to the availability of pricing information through the POS system, this price guide is not being updated by the wiki team. Please use the in-game features for all your pricing needs.


WINDOW Users: Please use Ctrl + F to find the item you seek.

MAC Users: Please use Command + F to find the item you seek.

Redemption's economy uses custom Coins, which are a unique type of currency. These coins have replaced the classic 1b Check. You can find these coins in four variations:

Type of Coin Value
DS Coins.png
Bronze Coin
1 The equivalent of 1
1000M Coins
Silver DS Coin.png
Silver Coin
1 The equivalent of 1,000
DS Coins.png
Gold DS Coin.png
Gold Coin
1 The equivalent of 1,000,000
DS Coins.png
Platinum DS Coin.png
Platinum Coin
1 The equivalent of 1,000,000,000
DS Coins.png

Prices under {Webstore $} section are the normal amount. Make sure you check the [ store] any sales as well as using the ::deals command in game.

Redemption logo.png
Image # Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
24K Brutal Whip.png
24K Brutal Whip - 500-1K Bronze Coins Yes
24K Demonic Wings.png
24K Demonic Wings - 500-1k Bronze Coins Yes
24K Kiteshield.png
24K Kiteshield - 10-20k Bronze Coins Yes
24K Torva Helm.png
24K Torva Helm - 250-500 Bronze Coins Yes
24K Torva Platebody.png
24K Torva Platebody - 250-500 Bronze Coins Yes
24K Torva Platelegs.png
24K Torva Platelegs - 250-500 Bronze Coins Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image A Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Abyssal Rapier.png
Abyssal Rapier - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Abyssal Whip (blue).png
Abyssal Whip (blue) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Abyssal Whip (green).png
Abyssal Whip (green) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Abyssal Whip (white).png
Abyssal Whip (white) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Abyssal Whip (yellow).png
Abyssal Whip (yellow) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Abyssal Whip.png
Abyssal Whip - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Adamant Partyhat.png
Adamant Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Agility Helm.png
Agility Helm - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Agility Platebody.png
Agility Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Agility Platelegs.png
Agility Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Agility Cape.png
Agility Cape - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Agile legs.png
Agile Legs - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Agile top.png
Agile Top - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Ahrim’s Hood.png
Ahrim’s Hood - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Ahrim’s Robe Bottom.png
Ahrim’s Robe Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Ahrim’s Robe Top.png
Ahrim’s Robe Top - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Ahrim’s Staff.png
Ahrim’s Staff - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Ak-47 - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
AK47 Asiimov.png
Ak-47 Asiimov - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Amban Sniper Rifle.png
Amban Sniper Rifle - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American boxing gloves.png
American Boxing Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American cape.png
American Cape - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Party Hat.png
American Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Pernix Body.png
American Pernix Body - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American pernix body u.png
American Pernix Body (u) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Pernix Chaps.png
American Pernix Chaps - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American pernix chaps u.png
American Pernix Chaps (u) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Pernix Coif.png
American Pernix Cowl - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Pernix Cowl (u)-0.png
American Pernix Cowl (u) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Torva Helm.png
American Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Torva Helm (u).png
American Torva Helm (u) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Torva Platebody.png
American Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Torva Platebody (u).png
American Torva Platebody (u) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Torva Platelegs.png
American Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Torva Platelegs (u).png
American Torva Platelegs (u) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Virtus Mask.png
American Virtus Mask - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Virtus Robe Top.png
American Virtus Robe Top - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
American Virtus Robe Legs.png
American Virtus Robe Legs - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Amulet of Fury (or).png
Amulet of Fury (or) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Amulet of Fury.png
Amulet of Fury - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Angelic Deathcape.png
Angelic Deathcape - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Angelic Sword.png
Angelic Sword - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Anger Mace.png
Anger Mace - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Anger Sword.png
Anger Sword - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Anonymous Mask - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Aphrodite helm.png
Aphrodite's Helm - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Aphrodite chestbody.png
Aphrodite's Chestplate - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Aphrodite platelegs.png
Aphrodite's Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Aphrodite greaves.png
Aphrodite's Greaves - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Aphrodite gauntlets.png
Aphrodite's Gauntlets - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Aqua Spirit Shield.png
Aqua Spirit Shield - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Arcus Party Hat.png
Arcus Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Aria's cape.png
Aria's Cape - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Armadyl Crossbow.png
Armadyl Crossbow - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Arrav Body.png Arrav Body - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Arrav Helm.png Arrav Helm - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Arrav Legs.png Arrav Legs - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Arrav Set.png Arrav Set - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Arrav Shield.png Arrav Shield - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Arrav Sword.png Arrav Sword - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Arrav Sword Offhand.png Arrav Sword Offhand - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Artichoke Whip.png
Artichoke Whip - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Ascension Crossbow.png
Ascensions Crossbow - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Ascension Crossbow Offhand.png
Ascensions Offhand Crossbow - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Assassin platebody.png
Assassins Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Assassin boots.png
Assassins Boots - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Assassin legs.png
Assassins Legs - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Assault Rifle.png
Assault Rifle - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Avery ring.png
Avery's Ring - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
Avery ring i.png
Avery's Ring (I) - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes
AWP Asiimov.png
AWP Asiimov - Template:ItemPrices-A Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image B Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Balloon - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bandos Pet.png
Bandos Pet - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Barrelchest Anchor.png
Barrelchest Anchor - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Barrows Partyhat.png
Barrows Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Baseball bat.png
Baseball Bat - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Basket of Eggs.png
Basket of Eggs - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bass guitar.png
Bass Guitar - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bazooka - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bazooka u.png
Bazooka (u) - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Beskar Bar.png
Beskar Bar - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Beats - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
BFG9000 $50 Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
BFG9000 Offhand.png
BFG9000 Offhand $50 Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black & White Phat.png
Black & White Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black beret.png
Black Beret - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black Boater.png
Black Boater - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black chain.png
Black Chain - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black Dragon Shield.png
Black Dragon Shield - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black Elegant Bottoms.png
Black Elegant Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black Elegant Top.png
Black Elegant Top - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black hween.png
Black Halloween Mask - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black Partyhat.png
Black Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black Santa Hat.png
Black Santa Hat - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Black wings.png
Black Wings - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blaster Laser Rifle Icon.png
Blaster Laser Rifle - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blizzard Virtus Mask.png
Blizzard Virtus Helm - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blizzard Virtus Top.png
Blizzard Virtus Top - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blizzard Virtus Legs.png
Blizzard Virtus Legs - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blacksmith helmet.png
Blacksmith’s Helm - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blood santa.png
Blood Santa - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bloody sniper.png
Blood Sniper - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blood Spirit Shield.png
Blood Spirit Shield - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue beret.png
Blue Beret - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue Boater.png
Blue Boater - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue boxing gloves.png
Blue Boxing Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue Brutal.png
Blue Brutal Whip - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue Death Cape.png
Blue Deathcape - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue demonic wings.png
Blue Demonic Wings - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue Elegant Bottom.png
Blue Elegant Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue Elegant Top.png
Blue Elegant Top - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue H'ween Mask.png Blue Halloween Mask - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue Lightsabre.png
Blue Lightsaber - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue partyhat.png
Blue Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue torva helm.png
Blue Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue torva platebody.png
Blue Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue torva legs.png
Blue Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue wings.png
Blue Wings - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Blue fire wings.png
Bluefire Wings - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bong - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bow of the death.png
Bow of Death - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bracelet of Ethereum.png
Bracelet of Ethereum - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Brawling Gloves (cooking).png
Brawling Gloves (cooking) - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Brimstone Ring Equipped.png
Brimstone Ring - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bronze Partyhat.png
Bronze Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Brown Wings.png
Brown Wings - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Brutal Whip.png
Brutal Whip - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes
Bunny Ears.png
Bunny Ears - Template:ItemPrices-B Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image C Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Callisto Egg.png
Callisto Egg - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Camel mask.png
Camel Mask - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Camel pet.png
Camel Pet - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Candy Cane.png
Candy Cane - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Captain America Shield.png
Captain America Shield - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Candy Spirit Shield.png
Candy Spirit Shield - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Castiel Katana.png
Castiel Katana - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Centurion Torva Helm.png
Centurion Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Centurion Torva Platebody.png
Centurion Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Centurion Torva Platelegs.png
Centurion Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Chainsaw - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Chaos Elemental Jr (pet).png
Chaos Elemental Jr (pet) - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Chaos Helm.png
Chaos Helm - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Chaos Platebody.png
Chaos Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Chaos Platelegs.png
Chaos Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Chaotic Claws.png
Chaotic Claws - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Chaotic Whip.png
Chaotic Whip - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Charmander Egg.png
Charmander Pet - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Chest Key (1).png
Chest Key (#1) - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Christmas Cracker.png
Christmas Cracker - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Santa costume top (male).png
Christmas Santa Top] - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Santa costume legs (male).png
Christmas Santa Bottoms - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Santa costume gloves.png
Christmas Santa Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Santa costume boots.png
Christmas Santa Boots - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Collectors Necklace.png
Collector's Necklace $35 Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Crate with Zanik.png
Crate with Zanik - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Crystal Key.png
Crystal Key - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Crystal Key (+).png
Crystal Key (+) - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Crystal Helm.png
Crystal Helm - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Crystal Platebody.png
Crystal Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Crystal Platelegs.png
Crystal Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Cyan partyhat.png
Cyan Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes
Cyan Whip.png
Cyan Whip - Template:ItemPrices-C Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image D Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Dagannoth Bones.png
Dagannoth Bones - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Darkly Spirit Shield.png
Darkly Spirit Shield - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Darth maul lightsaber.png
Darth Maul Lightsaber - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Darth vader lightsaber.png
Darth Vader Lightsaber - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Death Scythe.png
Death Scythe - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Deathly Spear.png
Deathly Spear - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Demon Minigun.png
Demon Minigun - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Devil wings.png
Devil Wings - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Devious Helm.png
Devious Helmet - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Devious Platebody.png
Devious Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Devious Legs.png
Devious Legs - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Diamond Age Sword.png
Diamond Age Sword - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Diablo JR.png
Diablo JR - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Diamond Cape.png
Diamond Cape - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Diamond Partyhat.png
Diamond Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Donator ticket.png
Donator Ticket - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragon Caller - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragon Partyhat.png
Dragon Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragon rider cape.png
Dragon Rider Cape - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Mage Boots.png
Dragonbone Mage Boots - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Mage Bottom.png
Dragonbone Mage Bottoms - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Mage Gloves.png
Dragonbone Mage Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Mage Hat.png
Dragonbone Mage Hat - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Mage Top.png
Dragonbone Mage Top - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Melee Helm.png
Dragonbone Melee Helm - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Melee Platebody.png
Dragonbone Melee Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs.png
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Melee Helm (U).png
Dragonbone Melee Helm (U) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Melee Platebody (U).png
Dragonbone Melee Platebody (U) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs (U).png
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs (U) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dragonbone Spirit Shield.png
Dragonbone Spirit Shield - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Body Shard 1.png
Dream Body Shard 1 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Body Shard 2.png
Dream Body Shard 2 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Body Shard 3.png
Dream Body Shard 3 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage body shard 1.png
Dream Mage Body Shard 1 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage body shard 2.png
Dream Mage Body Shard 2 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage body shard 3.png
Dream Mage Body Shard 3 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage plateleg shard 1.png
Dream Mage Leg Shard 1 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage plateleg shard 2.png
Dream Mage Leg Shard 2 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage plateleg shard 3.png
Dream Mage Leg Shard 3 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage platehelm shard 1.png
Dream Mage Helm Shard 1 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage platehelm shard 2.png
Dream Mage Helm Shard 2 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream mage platehelm shard 3.png
Dream Mage Helm Shard 3 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream set boxed.png
Dream Mage Set - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Maul Of Omens.png
Dream Maul of Omens - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream set boxed.png
Dream Melee Set - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Boots.png
Dream Boots - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Dagger.png
Dream Dagger - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Double Drop Potion (4h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Double Drop Potion (8h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Double Drop Potion (24h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Double Rate Potion (4h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Double Rate Potion (8h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Double Rate Potion (24h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream EXP Potion (24h).png
Dream EXP Potion (4h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream EXP Potion (24h).png
Dream EXP Potion (8h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream EXP Potion (24h).png
Dream EXP Potion (24h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Gloves.png
Dream Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Helm Shard 1.png
Dream Helm Shard 1 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Helm Shard 2.png
Dream Helm Shard 2 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Helm Shard 3.png
Dream Helm Shard 3 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Katana.png
Dream Katana - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Legs Shard 1.png
Dream Legs Shard 1 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Legs Shard 2.png
Dream Legs Shard 2 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Legs Shard 3.png
Dream Legs Shard 3 - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Magic Potion (4h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Magic Potion (8h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Magic Potion (24h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Mystery Box.png
Dream Mystery Box - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Range Potion (4h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Range Potion (8h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Range Potion (24h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Strength Potion (4h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Strength Potion (8h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Strength Potion (24h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream set boxed.png
Dream Range Set - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Thieving Potion (4h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Thieving Potion (8h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Thieving Potion (24h) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dream Wing Boots.png
Dream Wing Boots - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dreamween - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Drygore Offhand.png
Drygore Offhand - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Drygore Offhand (u).png
Drygore Offhand (u) - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dual Berettas.png
Dual Berettas - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dual Godswords.png
Dual Godswords - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dual Haloswords.png
Dual Haloswords - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dual Reapers.png
Dual Reapers - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dubby Favorite.png
Dubby Favorite - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes
Dynamic Mystery Box.png
Dynamic Mystery Box - Template:ItemPrices-D Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image E Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Easter egg.png
Easter Egg - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Easter Ring.png
Easter Ring - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Electronic Katana.png
Electronic Katana - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elder Wand.png
Elder Wand - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elemental Boots.png
Elemental Boots - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elemental Brutal Whip.png
Elemental Brutal Whip - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elemental Helm.png
Elemental Helm - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elemental Kiteshield.png
Elemental Kiteshield - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elemental Platebody.png
Elemental Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elemental Platelegs.png
Elemental Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elemental Whip.png
Elemental Whip - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Pernix Body.png
Elite Pernix Body - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Pernix Chaps.png
Elite Pernix Chaps - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Pernix Cowl.png
Elite Pernix Coif - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Torva Helm.png
Elite Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Torva Platebody.png
Elite Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Torva Platelegs.png
Elite Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Virtus Robe Legs.png
Elite Virtus Legs - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Virtus Mask.png
Elite Virtus Mask - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Elite Virtus Top.png
Elite Virtus Top - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Emperor`s Necklace.png
Emperor`s Necklace $400 Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Emperor`s Ring $250 Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Emperor Box.png
Emperors Box - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Emperor Boots.png
Emperor Boots - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Emperor Gloves.png
Emperor Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Emperor Helmet.png
Emperor Helmet - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Emperor Platebody.png
Emperor Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Emperor Platelegs.png
Emperor Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Epic Archer Ring.png
Epic Archers Ring - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Epic Battleaxe.png
Epic Battleaxe - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Epic Berserker Ring.png
Epic Berserker Ring - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Epic Seers Ring.png
Epic Seers Ring - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Eternal Crystal Platehelm.png
Eternal Crystal Helmet - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Eternal Crystal Platebody.png
Eternal Crystal Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Eternal Crystal Platelegs.png
Eternal Crystal Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Extreme Donator Ticket.png
Extreme Donator Ticket - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Eternal Khione Staff.png
Eternal Khione Staff - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes
Extreme scarf.png
Extreme Scarf - Template:ItemPrices-E Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image F Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Falador shield 1.png
Falador Shield (1) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Falador shield 2.png
Falador Shield (2) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Falador shield 3 (1).png
Falador Shield (3) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Falador shield 4.png
Falador Shield (4) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fallen Deathcape.png
Fallen Deathcape - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fallen deathcape u.png
Fallen Deathcape (U) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flame Gloves.png
Flame Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flame Pernix Body.png
Flame Pernix Body - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flame Pernix Chaps.png
Flame Pernix Chaps - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flame Pernix Cowl.png
Flame Pernix Coif - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flame Scimitar.png
Flame Scimitar - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flame Torva Helm.png
Flame Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flame Torva Body.png
Flame Torva Body - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flame Torva Legs.png
Flame Torva Legs - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Flippers - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Black Flowers.png
Flowers (black) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Blue Flowers.png
Flowers (blue) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Multi Flowers.png
Flowers (mixed) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Orange Flowers.png
Flowers (orange) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Purple Flowers.png
Flowers (purple) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Red Flowers.png
Flowers (red) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
White Flowers.png
Flowers (white) - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Forester hat.png
Forester Hat - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fortunate favour lvl 1.png
Fortunate Favour Lvl1 - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fortunate favour lvl 1.png
Fortunate Favour Lvl2 - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fortunate favour lvl 1.png
Fortunate Favour Lvl3 - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fortunate favour lvl 1.png
Fortune Lvl1 - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fortunate favour lvl 1.png
Fortune Lvl2 - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fortunate favour lvl 1.png
Fortune Lvl3 - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Fox mask.png
Fox Mask - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Frost bones (100 noted).png
Frost Dragon Bones - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes
Frostbite Staff.png
Frostbite Staff - Template:ItemPrices-F Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image G Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Ganodermic leggings.png
Ganodermic Leggings - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Ganodermic poncho.png
Ganodermic Poncho - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Ganodermic visor.png
Ganodermic Visor - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
GC-11 Pet.png
GC-11 Pet - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Ghrazi rapier.png
Ghrazi Rapier - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Giant's hand.png
Giant's Hand - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gilded Full Helm.png
Gilded Helm - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gilded Kiteshield.png
Gilded Kiteshield - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gilded Platebody..png
Gilded Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gilded Platelegs.png
Gilded Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Glock - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gnome scarf.png
Gnome Scarf - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
God Daggers.png
God Dagger - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Godly sword1.png
Godly Sword - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gold AGS.png
Gold AGS - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gold Brutal Whip.png
Gold Brutal Whip - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gold Chain.png
Gold Chain - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gold Chain.png
Gold Chain (Megadonator) - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gold Deathcape.png
Gold Deathcape - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gold hween.png
Gold Halloween Mask - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Golden Katana.png
Golden Katana - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gold Lightsabre.png
Gold Lightsaber - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Golden Ak-47.png
Golden Ak-47 - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Golden Minigun.png
Golden Minigun - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Golden Scratch Card.png
Golden Scratch Card - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Golf putter.png
Golf Putter - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Graceful boots.png
Graceful Boots - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Graceful cape.png
Graceful Cape - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Graceful gloves.png
Graceful Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Graceful hood.png
Graceful Hood - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Graceful legs.png
Graceful Legs - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Graceful top.png
Graceful Top - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Graceful Rapier.png
Graceful Rapier - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Grain - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Gravity hammer.png
Gravity Hammer - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green Boater.png
Green Boater - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green Dragon Wings.png
Green Dragon Wings - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green Elegant Bottom.png
Green Elegant Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green Elegant Top.png
Green Elegant Top - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green H'ween Mask.png Green Halloween Mask - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green lightsabers.png
Green Lightsabers - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green Party Hat.png
Green Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green scythe.png
Green Scythe - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Green Whip.png
Green Whip - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes
Grim Reaper Hood.png
Grim Reaper Hood - Template:ItemPrices-G Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image H Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Hallucination torva helm.png
Hallucination Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hallucination torva body.png
Hallucination Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hallucination torva legs.png
Hallucination Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hades Helm.png
Hades helm - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hades Platebody.png
Hades Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hades Platelegs.png
Hades Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hades Cleaver.png
Hades Cleaver - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hades Offhand.png
Hades Offhand - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hades Pet.png
Hades Pet - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Ham hood.png
H.A.M. Hood - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Ham shirt.png
H.A.M. Top - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Ham robe.png
H.A.M. Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Ham cloak.png
H.A.M. Cloak - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Helicopter.png Helicopter Pet - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Healer lvl 1.png
Healer Icon - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Heart Crystal.png
Heart Crystal - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hell Wings.png
Hell Wings - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Highwayman mask.png
Highwayman Mask - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Honor bow.png
Honorable Bow - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hot h'ween.png
Hot Halloween Mask - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hot katana.png
Hot Katana - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
H'ween lantern.png
H'ween Lantern - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hylian Shield.png
Hylian Shield - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hulk ring.png
Hulk Ring - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hunters helm.png
Hunters Helm - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hunters Platebody.png
Hunters Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes
Hunters Platelegs.png
Hunters Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-H Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image I Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Ice Gloves.png
Ice Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Ice katana.png
Ice Katana - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Ice Offhand.png
Ice Offhand - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy Bones.png
Icy Bones - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy Boots.png
Icy Boots - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy Brutal Whip.png
Icy Brutal Whip - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy Glaive.png
Icy Glaive - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy Kiteshield.png
Icy Kiteshield - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy Santa - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy Spirit Shield.png
Icy Spirit Shield - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy torva helm.png
Icy Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy torva platebody.png
Icy Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy torva platelegs.png
Icy Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy Whip.png
Icy Whip - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Icy wings.png
Icy Wings - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Infinity Key.png
Infinity Key - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Infinity Gauntlet (Charged).png
Infinity Gauntlet - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Infinity Gauntlet (Charged).png
Infinity Gauntlet (Charged) - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Inga Platebody.png
Inga Body - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Inga helm.png
Inga Helm - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Inga platelegs.png
Inga Legs - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Inga Sword.png
Inga Sword - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Invictus Box.png
Invictus Box - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Invictus bow.png
Invictus Crossbow - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Invictus staff.png
Invictus Staff - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes
Invictus sword.png
Invictus Sword - Template:ItemPrices-I Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image J Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Jack o lantern head.png
Jack O' Lantern Head - Template:ItemPrices-J Yes
Jack O Lantern Mask.png
Jack O Lantern Mask - Template:ItemPrices-J Yes
Jester scarf.png
Jester Scarf - Template:ItemPrices-J Yes
Justiciar faceguard.png
Justiciar faceguard - Template:ItemPrices-J Yes
Justiciar chestguard.png
Justiciar chestguard - Template:ItemPrices-J Yes
Justiciar legguards.png
Justiciar legguards - Template:ItemPrices-J Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image K Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Kangaroo - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
Katana of stars.png
Katana of Stars - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
Eternal Khione Staff.png
Khione Staff - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
King donator cape.png
King Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
King donator partyhat.png
King Donator Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
King of rasta cape.png
King of Rasta Cape - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
Korasi's sword.png
Korasi Sword - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
Kril full helm.png
Kril Full Helm (PVM) - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
Kril platebody.png
Kril PlateBody (PVM) - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
Kril platelegs.png
Kril Platelegs (PVM) - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes
Kronic Dragon Wings.png
Kronic Dragon Wings - Template:ItemPrices-K Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image L Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Lava Partyhat.png
Lava Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lava santa.png
Lava Santa Hat - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lava Spirit Shield.png
Lava Spirit Shield - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Leaf bladed sword.png
Leaf-bladed Sword - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary battle axe.png
Legendary Battle Axe - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary deathcape.png
Legendary Death Cape - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary full helm.png
Legendary Helm - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary katana.png
Legendary Katana - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary kiteshield.png
Legendary Kiteshield - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary partyhat.png
Legendary Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary platebody.png
Legendary Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary platelegs.png
Legendary Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary santa.png
Legendary Santa Hat - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary spirit shield.png
Legendary Spirit Shield - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary top hat.png
Legendary Top Hat - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary whip.png
Legendary Whip - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Legendary wings.png
Legendary Wings - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Level 1 donator cape.png
Level 1 Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Level 2 donator cape.png
Level 2 Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Level 3 donator cape.png
Level 3 Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Level 4 donator cape.png
Level 4 Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Level 5 donator cape.png
Level 5 Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Attacker icon.png
Level 1 Attacker $150 Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Collector icon.png
Level 1 Collector $150 Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Defender icon.png
Level 1 Defender $150 Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Healer icon.png
Level 1 Healer $150 Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lime Deathcape.png
Lime Deathcape - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lime Partyhat.png
Lime Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lime Santa Hat.png
Lime Santa - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lime Whip.png
Lime Whip - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Link Tunic.png
Link hat - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Link Body.png
Link tunic - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Link Legs.png
Link leggings - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Longclaw - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Luigi's Head.png
Luigi's Head - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lumberjack axe.png
Lumberjack Axe - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lunar cape.png
Lunar Cape - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lunar helm.png
Lunar Helm - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lunar legs.png
Lunar Legs - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes
Lunar torso.png
Lunar Torso - Template:ItemPrices-L Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image M Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Mace windu lightsaber.png
Mace Windu Lightsaber - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Magegray Pet - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Malevolent Helm.png
Malevolent Helm - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Malevolent Platebody.png
Malevolent Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Malevolent Platelegs.png
Malevolent Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mario's Head.png Mario's Head - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Masamune Sword.png Masamune Sword - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Master corruption.png
Master Corruption - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Master corruption.png
Master of Salvation - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Max level donator cape.png
Max Level Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mime boots.png
Mime Boots - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mime gloves.png
Mime Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mime Legs.png
Mime Legs - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mime mask.png
Mime Mask - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mime top.png
Mime Top - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mimics Entry Ticket Icon.png
Mimic's Entry Ticket - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Minecraft helm.png
Minecraft Helm - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Minigun - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mithril Partyhat.png
Mithril Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Monkey Lover.png
Monkey Lover - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Morty pet.png
Morty pet - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Morphing Ring.png
Morphing Ring - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mudskipper Hat.png
Mudskipper Hat - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Musketeer Hat.png
Musketeer Hat - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Musketeer Body.png
Musketeer Body - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Musketeer Legs.png Musketeer Legs - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Musketeer Set.png
Musketeer Set - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
Mystery Box.png
Mystery Box - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes
M4A4 Asiimov.png
M4A4 Asiimov - Template:ItemPrices-M Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image N Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Nax amulet.png
Nax Amulet - Template:ItemPrices-N Yes
The Necromancer.png
Necromancer Jr - Template:ItemPrices-N Yes
Nex key.png
Nex Key - Template:ItemPrices-N Yes
Nex Soul.PNG
Nex Soul - Template:ItemPrices-N Yes
Nocturnal Chain.png
Nocturnal Chain - Template:ItemPrices-N Yes
Nurse Hat.png
Nurse Hat - Template:ItemPrices-N Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image O Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Oblivatary Sword.png
Oblivatory Sword - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Oblivion Helm.png
Oblivion Helmet - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Oblivion Platebody.png
Oblivion Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Oblivion Platelegs.png
Oblivion Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Oblivion sycthe icon.PNG
Oblivion Scythe - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Obsidian Virtus Mask.png
Obsidian Virtus Mask - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Obsidian Virtus Top.png
Obsidian Virtus Top - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Obsidian Virtus Bottom.png Obsidian Virtus Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Obsidian Virtus Set.png Obsidian Virtus Set - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Olaf´s Helm.png
Olaf´s Helm - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Olaf´s Platebody.png
Olaf´s Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Olaf´s Platelegs.png
Olaf´s Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Olaf´s Cape.png
Olaf´s Cape - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Olaf´s Scythe.png
Olaf´s Scythe - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Orange boater.png
Orange Boater - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Orange donator cape.png
Orange Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Electronic Katana.png
Ornate Katana - Template:ItemPrices-O Yes
Owner cape.png
Owner Cape $275 Template:ItemPrices-O Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image P Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Pete Hat.png
Party Pete Hat - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Party Pie.png
Party Pie - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Penguin Bones.png
Penguin Bones - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Penguin Staff.png
Penguin Staff - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pernix Body.png
Pernix Body - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pernix Chaps.png
Pernix Chaps - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pernix Cowl.png
Pernix Cowl - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Mystery Box Pet.png
Pet Mystery Box - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Phoenix Bones.png
Phoenix Bones - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Phoenix Pet(2).png
Phoenix Egg - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Phoenix Whip.png
Phoenix Whip - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Piano Icon.png
Piano - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pikachu Pokeball.png
Pikachu Egg - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pink Boots.png
Pink Boots - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pink dildo.png
Pink Dildo - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pink Partyhat.png
Pink Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pink santa.png
Pink Santa - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pink Whip (Chaos Elemental).png
Pink Whip (Chaos Elemental) - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pink Whip.png
Pink Whip - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pirate Boots.png
Pirate Boots - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pokeball - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Portal gun.png
Portal's Gun - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Battleaxe.png
Primal Battleaxe - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Boots.png
Primal Boots - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Chainbody.png
Primal Chainbody - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal dagger.png
Primal Dagger - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Gauntlets.png
Primal Gauntlets - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Hatchet.png
Primal Hatchet - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Full Helm.png
Primal Helm - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Kiteshield.png
Primal Kiteshield - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Longsword.png
Primal Longsword - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Maul.png
Primal Maul - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Platebody.png
Primal Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Platelegs.png
Primal Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Plateskirt.png
Primal Plateskirt - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Rapier.png
Primal Rapier - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Spear.png
Primal Spear - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal 2H.png
Primal Two-handed Sword - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primal Warhammer.png
Primal Warhammer - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Prime Torva Helm.png
Prime Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Prime Torva Body.png
Prime Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Prime Torva Legs.png
Prime Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Primordial Boots.png Primordial Boots - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Prince Tunic.png
Prince Tunic - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Prod cape.png
Prod Cape - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Pumpkin Egg - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Purple elegant legs.png
Purple Elegant Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Purple elegant shirt.png
Purple Elegant Top - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Purple Party Hat.png
Purple Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes
Purple santa.png
Purple Santa - Template:ItemPrices-P Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image Q Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Quadron Box.png
Quadron Box - Template:ItemPrices-Q Yes
Queen donator cape.png
Queen Donator Cape - Template:ItemPrices-Q Yes
Quickscope - Template:ItemPrices-Q Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image R Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Radiation Whip.png
Radiation Whip - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Ragefire Boots.png
Ragefire Boots - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Raichu Egg - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Afro.png
Rainbow Afro - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Boots.png
Rainbow Boots - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Cape.png
Rainbow Cape - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow dragon wings.png
Rainbow Dragon Wings - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Fish.png
Rainbow Fish - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Godsword.png
Rainbow Godsword - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Kiteshield..png
Rainbow Kiteshield - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Lance.png
Rainbow Lance - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Party Hat.png
Rainbow Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Santa Hat.png
Rainbow Santa Hat - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Scarf.png
Rainbow Kiteshield - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Plate.png
Rainbow Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rainbow Legs.png
Rainbow Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rasta claws.png
Rasta Claws - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rasta hat.png
Rasta Hat - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rasta Whip.png
Rasta Whip - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rasta wings.png
Rasta Wings - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red Boater.png
Red Boater - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red Boxing Gloves.png
Red Boxing Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red Dragon Wings.png
Red Dragon Wings - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red elegant shirt.png
Red Elegant Top - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red elegant legs.png
Red Elegant Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red Halloween.png
Red Halloween - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red Dye.png
Red Infinity Dye - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red lance.png
Red Lance - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red Lightsabre.png
Red Lightsaber - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Red Party Hat.png
Red Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Reindeer hat.png
Reindeer Hat - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Ring of Wealth (i).png
Ring of Wealth (i) - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rogue cape.png
Rouge Cape (PVM) - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rogue helm.png
Rouge Helm (PVM) - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rogue platebody.png
Rouge Platebody (PVM) - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rogue platelegs.png
Rouge Platelegs (PVM) - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Royal Sicle (u).png
Royal Sicle (u) - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Royal Sicle.png
Royal Sicle - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes
Rune Partyhat.png
Rune Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-R Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image S Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Samurai Helm.png
Samurai Helm - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Samurai Legs.png
Samurai Legs - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Samurai Top.png
Samurai Top - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Sanguinesti staff png.png Sanguinesti Staff - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Santa costume legs (male).png
Santa Costume Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Santa costume top (male).png
Santa Costume Top - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Santa costume gloves.png
Santa Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Santa Hat.png
Santa Hat - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Santa jr.png
Santa Jr - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Scoped rifle u.png
Scoped Rifle (u) - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Scorpia Boss.png
Scorpia Egg - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Scythe of vitur.png
Scythe of vitur - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Seers boots.png
Seers Boots - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Seasonal Goodiebox.png Seasonal Goodiebox - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Seasonal Goodiebox5.png Seasonal Goodiebox (5) - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow Boots.png
Shadow Boots - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow Brutal Whip.png
Shadow Brutal Whip - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow Cleaver.png
Shadow Cleaver - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow Full helm.png
Shadow helm - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow Platebody.png
Shadow platebody - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow Platelegs.png
Shadow Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow torva helm.png
Shadow Torva Helm (U) - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow torva platebody.png
Shadow Torva Platebody (U) - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow torva platelegs.png
Shadow Torva Platelegs (U) - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow star.png
Shadow Star - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow Whip.png
Shadow Whip - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shadow Wings.png
Shadow Wings - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shasta Brutal Whip.png
Shasta Brutal Whip - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Shasta wings.png
Shasta Wings - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Silver Chain.png
Silver Chain - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Silver spacejam.png
Silver Space Sword - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Crystal (Abyssal Sire).png
Sire Crystal - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Soulflare x.png
Soulflare (x) - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Space Virtus Helm.png
Space Virtus Helm - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Space Virtus Body.png
Space Virtus Body - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Space Virtus Legs.png
Space Virtus Legs - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Super Donator Ticket.png
Super Donator Ticket - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes
Super Mystery Box.png
Super Mystery Box - Template:ItemPrices-S Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image T Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Tactical Box - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Tam Amulet - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Tennis racquet.png
Tennis Racquet - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Abyssal Tentacle.png
Tentacle Whip - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Druidic Cape.png
Third-Age Druidic Cape - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Druidic Robe Bottom.png
Third-Age Druidic Robe Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Druidic Robe Top.png
Third-Age Druidic Robe Top - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Druidic Wreath.png
Third-Age Druidic Wreath - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Full Helm.png
Third-Age Full Helm - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Kiteshield.png
Third-Age Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Mage Hat.png
Third-Age Mage Hat - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Mage Robe Bottom.png
Third-Age Mage Robe Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Mage Robe Top.png
Third-Age Mage Robe Top - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Platebody.png
Third-Age Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd Age Platelegs.png
Third-Age Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd age range legs.png
Third-Age Range Legs - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
3rd age range top.png
Third-Age Range Top - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Thors hammer pvp.png
Thor's Hammer (PVP) - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Thugbob Egg.png
Thugbob Egg - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Thumper $750 Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Top Hat.png
Top Hat - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Tormented Demon Jr.png
Tormented Demon Egg - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Torva Helm.png
Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Torva Platebody.png
Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Torva Platelegs.png
Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Toy gun.png
Toy Gun - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes
Third Eye - Template:ItemPrices-T Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image U Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Uber Sword.png
Uber Sword - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate dragon wings.png
Ultimate Dragon Wings - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate dream katana.png
Ultimate Dream Katana - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Undead Chicken.png
Undead Chicken - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Undead Helm.png
Undead helm - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Undead Body.png
Undead body - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Undead Legs.png
Undead Legs - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate Ranger Gloves.png
Ultimate Ranger Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate Mage Gloves.png
Ultimate Mage Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate Brawler Gloves.png
Ultimate Brawler Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate Melee Boots.png
Ultimate Melee Boots - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate Mage Boots.png
Ultimate Mage Boots - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate Range Boots.png
Ultimate Range Boots - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate Tribrid Boots.png
Ultimate Tribrid Boots - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Ultimate Tribird Gloves.png
Ultimate Tribrid Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes
Undead Set.png
Undead Set - Template:ItemPrices-U Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image V Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Vanguard Body.png
Vanguard Body - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Vanguard Boots.png
Vanguard Boots - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Vanguard Gloves.png
Vanguard Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Vanguard Helm.png
Vanguard Helm - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Vanguard Legs.png
Vanguard Legs - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Venenatis Egg.png
Venenatis Egg - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Vet’ion Egg - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Virtus Mask.png
Virtus Mask - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Virtus Robe Legs.png
Virtus Robe Bottom - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Virtus Robe Top.png
Virtus Robe Top - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Necromancy Book.png
Vote Book - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes
Vorago Jr - Template:ItemPrices-V Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image W Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Web cloak.png
Web Cloak - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Weed Cape.png
Weed Cape - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Weed chain.png
Weed Chain - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
White apron.png
White Apron - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
White beret.png
White Beret - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
White Glass Wings.png
White Glass Wings - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
White Infinity Dye.png
White Infinity Dye - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
White partyhat.png
White Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
White Santa Hat.png
White Santa Hat - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
White Unicorn Mask.png
White Unicorn Mask - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
White Wings.png
White Wings - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Winter hween.png
Winter Halloween - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Wizzy Torva Helm.png
Wizzy Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Wizzy Torva Platebody.png
Wizzy Torva Platebody - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Wizzy Torva Legs.png
Wizzy Torva Platelegs - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Wolf Cub Egg.png
Wolf Cub Pet - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Wolverine Torva Helm.png
Wolverine Torva Helm - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Wolverine Torva Body.png
Wolverine Torva Body - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
Wolverine Torva Legs.png
Wolverine Torva Legs - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes
File:World's Globe Pet - Pet - Redemptionrsps.png World's Globe Pet - Template:ItemPrices-W Yes


Redemption logo.png
Image X Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Xebos Invitation.png
Xebos Invitation - Template:ItemPrices-X Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image Y Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Yoda pet.png
Yoda Pet - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Yix Amulet - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Yellow converses.png
Yellow Converse - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Yellow dragon wing.png
Yellow Dragon Wings (SMB) - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Yellow Demonic Wings.png
Yellow Demonic Wings (Vorago) - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Yellow glass wings.png
Yellow Glass Wings - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Yellow Party Hat.png
Yellow Partyhat - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Yellow santa.png
Yellow Santa - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Vine whip.png
Yellow Vine Whip - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes
Yellow wings.png
Yellow Wings - Template:ItemPrices-Y Yes

Redemption logo.png
Image Z Webstore Ingame Value Tradable
Zaryte Bow.gif
Zaryte Bow - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zamorak Body.png
Zamorak Body - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zamorak Chaps - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zamorak Coif - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zamorak Vambraces.png
Zamorak Vambraces - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zamorak Cloak.png
Zamorak Cloak - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zamorak D’hide Set Equipped.png
Zamorak Leather Set - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zamorak Godsword.png
Zamorak Godsword - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zamorak Hilt.png
Zamorak Hilt - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Staff of Zamorak - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zombie shirt.png
Zombie Body - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zombie Boots.png
Zombie Boots - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zombie gloves.png
Zombie Gloves - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zombie trousers.png
Zombie Legs - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes
Zombie Mask.png
Zombie Mask - Template:ItemPrices-Z Yes