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Players that use this skill are commonly known as Rangers and or Archers. The ranged skill is most beneficial when fighting against Mages but is weaker against Melee fighters. The ranged skill is the recommended fighting style in Redemptionrsps. Visit the Ranged Gear page to learn more. The ranged skill range from levels 1 - 99.

We recommend for all types of players (Normal,Ironman,Hardcore) to begin their training sessions at the following locations:
  • ::starterboss

  • ::train

  • ::mbox

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When you are reading to fight stronger NPC's we'd recommend trying out Raids. This place has an assortment of Bosses to fight ranging from solo/team base. The Bosses weaknesses include Melee and Mage.

  • ::raidjub / ::joinraid1

Bosses include: 1. Voldemort 2. Vendura 3. Og Dragon 4. Diablo and 5. Raiden

Want to learn the Money Making methods on Redemptionrsps? We've created a section for beginners - experienced players. This includes what NPC's to fight, and their rewards. We hope this helps you!

The achievement of the ranged skill is getting a skill point and a 99 in that category. You're then rewarded with the Ranged cape and the skillcape emote.

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