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Golden Scratch Card.png

To obtain these, you will need to go to the Donation Store and purchase a Golden Scratch Card for $5 USD

A new way to make bank! Match 3 Cash Stacks to win that amount!


You can win a Minimum of 100T, and a Maximum of 5Q.

Don't worry if you don't get all 3 matches, you'll still get the Guaranteed Win of 1T from the bonus prize.

Things you can win off these

Possible Loots
Item Quantity Rarity
Blue Party Hat.png Blue Party Hat 1 Common
White Party Hat.png White Party Hat 1 Common
Purple Party Hat.png Purple Party Hat 1 Common
Green Party Hat.png Green Party Hat 1 Common
Red Party Hat.png Red Party Hat 1 Common
Santa Hat.png Santa Hat 1 Common
Bronze Party Hat.png Bronze Party Hat 1 Common
Iron Party Hat.png Iron Party Hat 1 Common
Steel Party Hat.png Steel Party Hat 1 Common
Mithril Party Hat.png Mithril Party Hat 1 Common
Black Party Hat.png Black Party Hat 1 Uncommon
Black & White Party Hat.png Black & White Party Hat 1 Uncommon
Icy Santa Hat.png Icy Santa Hat 1 Uncommon
Rainbow Party Hat.png Rainbow Party Hat 1 Uncommon
White Santa Hat.png White Santa Hat 1 Uncommon
Black Santa Hat.png Black Santa Hat 1 Uncommon
Rune Party Hat.png Rune Party Hat 1 Uncommon
Dragon Party Hat.png Dragon Party Hat 1 Uncommon
Barrows Party Hat.png Barrows Party Hat 1 Uncommon
Mario's Head.png Mario's Head 1 Legendary
Luigi's Head.png Luigi's Head 1 Legendary
Sled.png Sled 1 Legendary
Lava Santa Hat.png Lava Santa Hat 1 Legendary
Rainbow Santa Hat.png Rainbow Santa Hat 1 Legendary
Lime Santa Hat.png Lime Santa Hat 1 Legendary
Black Elegant Top.png Black Elegant Top 1 Legendary
Black Elegant Bottoms.png Black Elegant Bottoms 1 Legendary
Blue Elegant Top.png Blue Elegant Top 1 Legendary
Blue Elegant Bottom.png Blue Elegant Bottom 1 Legendary
Red Elegant Top.png Red Elegant Top 1 Legendary
Red Elegant Bottom.png Red Elegant Bottom 1 Legendary
Purple Elegant Top.png Purple Elegant Top 1 Legendary
Purple Elegant Bottom.png Purple Elegant Bottom 1 Legendary
Green Elegant Top.png Green Elegant Top 1 Legendary
Green Elegant Bottom.png Green Elegant Bottom 1 Legendary
Samurai Helm.png Samurai Helm 1 Dream
Samurai Top.png Samurai Top 1 Dream
Samurai Legs.png Samurai Legs 1 Dream
King Donator Party Hat.png King Donator Party Hat 1 Dream
Pink Santa Hat.png Pink Santa Hat 1 Dream
Shadow Star.png Shadow Star 1 Dream
Sky Santa Hat.png Sky Santa Hat 1 Dream
Arcus Party Hat.png Arcus Party Hat 1 Dream
Blood Santa Hat.png Blood Santa Hat 1 Dream
Yellow Santa Hat.png Yellow Santa Hat 1 Dream
Cyan Party Hat.png Cyan Party Hat 1 Dream
Maul Of Omens.png Maul Of Omens 1 Dream