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Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in Redemption Media. Here you can find information regarding YouTuber benefits, rewards, tutorials and much more! Our Media team works hard to bring you the very best! If you have an interest in media, or have questions please contact our Media Manager - Rode#9586
About Us:
We are a family, a group of individuals that love nothing more than making videos or Gfx for the community. We come up with new and innovative ideas to improve not just the server but the benefits and rewards for our media members. We take pride in our work and never give up what we love! We are all ready to stand next to you and help you on your journey to becoming apart of our little family!
What do we do?
We work side by side as a team. No one in our group stands alone! We not only provide the best videos and live streams we provide the best Gfx for everyone in need in the Redemption community. Striving to improve every link of our family we help each other out and discuss ways that can improve on another. If one link is broken with in the chain we fix and repair it! Communication, love, and teamwork is what we are!

Every member of our family has they're own responsibilities and fulfill they're duties to the best of they're ability. However we work as a team to give each other a helping hand to fulfill these duties. At the end of the day we know we have done another "job well done."

YouTuber Application
Do you wish to become a valued member of our YouTube team? Below you will find the link to our Official YouTuber Application. Here is our requirements:
1. You need to have 100 + subscribers on your Youtube Channel.

2. An average of 100 views on your videos.

3. Produce 1-2 videos every week.

See more with the link below!

Graphics Designer Application
Would you like to become a valued member of our Graphics team and make amazing designs for not just the server but for the community? Below you will find information about requirements and the link to our Official Graphic Designer Application to read more!
1. You have to be well known in the community

2. You have to have shown activity in the Graphics section for at least 2 weeks before applying

3. You must be an active member of the forums for at least 3 weeks

Media Team

-Ktrips - Media Manager

Ktrips joined the server in 2017. He has been a member of the community for some time now. He is a HUGE part of this team and as such he is always there to help anyone. Ktrips has recently stepped into the roll of Media Manager. With a backroud in live media working with companies such as Warner Brothers and Netflix. He is well versed in all fields of media. If you need advice etc you can contact Ktrips via Forum/Discord "ktrips#8544"

-Apex - Official YouTuber & Administrator

Graphic Designers

Video Tutorials
Since we are the Media Team and have access to recording and editing software we ALWAYS release video tutorials. These tutorials can be about absolutely anything. We make video tutorials based on what needs to be given to the community, and in fact make these video tutorials based on community request. We will even connect with you 1 on 1 to help you learn and make sure we have you up to date and knowledgeable by the time we are done. All of our tutorials can be found here and across the community forums.

Graphics Tutorials
Graphic Tutorials is something we are starting to work on. We want it to be easy for someone that wants to start making graphics to do so. With that said we have been speaking with eachother and getting ready to release Graphic Tutorial videos, and threads for those that need them. Of course like our video tutorials the video/thread can be done at your request. If you need to know how to do something we will communicate with you and even work 1 on 1 with you to help you learn!

You can see our Graphic section here >

YouTuber Rewards
Of course you receive rewards for being a YouTuber and making videos/streams for Redemption! However you must know that your rewards are based upon your activity, and uploads. More information on this can be given to you by the Media Manager Rode#9586


As an Official YouTuber you of course have sponsored content. You videos/streams are sponsored meaning if you are in need of a specific item(s) we will make sure you have them for you content. You also receive sponsored giveaways. The giveaways of course have a limit as to how much you can give out in 1 video however they are sponsored non the less and we always want they're to be hype with in your videos/streams.


As a YouTuber you are also apart of the Media Development Team. Meaning we all come together and throw ideas around, discuss different proposals that could possibly be added into the game. We have already had most of our team contribute proposals that are actually being added to Redemption as we speak! It is an amazing feeling to come up with an idea and see it added to the server. As a YouTuber you are able to propose your ideas and even have them implemented into the server!


With being an Official YouTuber comes with VIP requests from the Media Manager and a complimentary Sponsor rank In-Game. For more information contact ktrips#8544

Graphics Rewards
As an Official Graphics designer you are rewarded not only in-game but outside of the server. These rewards are based on your activity with in the Graphics community on forums/discord/and in-game. For more information please speak to our Media Manager: ktrips#8544


You are given in-game rewards by our Media Manager for your Graphics work done with in the community. These rewards are based on your activity and work contributed. The reward is usually in-game currency and on occasion more!


You receive rewards via forums for the work and efforts put forth with in the community. The community will always stand behind you and vouch for you when someone is looking for Graphics, you gain recognition for the work that you put in and become well known by doing so! You become famous with in Redemption


As a Graphics Designer you are apart of the Media Development Team. You have the ability to contribute proposals and ideas to the team that will help build and grow the media/graphics side of DS. Your ideas and proposals can possibly be accepted and pushed through to be added to the server. You are apart of the development team in a way that will grow media and you have an influence on where it goes from here!