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For a Revanents guide check out this Forum Post

We've added revs to Redemptionrsps, with a little custom twist!

You can find revs in the boss teleports, and you'll fight them in level 33 wilderness!

Revs Boss.png

You will not lose items at revs,.


Revs drop Mysterious Emblems in order - Tier 1-10:


Upgrading your mysterious emblems:

For you to upgrade your emblem to the next one, you first need to have the one below it in your inventory. For example to get a tier 3 emblem, you first need a tier 2 in your inventory. To get a tier 4 you need a tier 3 in your inventory and so on. You can only have one of each tier in your inventory at one time. So if you have tier 6 in your bank you won't get another, even with a tier 5 in your inventory. When cashing in your emblems you cash all of them in, even if some are in your bank.

Emblem Tier Points:

Tier Points
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 1) 100 
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 2) 500
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 3) 1000
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 4) 1500
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 5) 2250
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 6) 3000
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 7) 4000
Mysterious Emblem (TIer 8) 5000
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 9) 6000
Mysterious Emblem (Tier 10) 7000


These emblems can be redeemed for Wilderness points at the wilderness shop at home! For more info on the rewards available and their prices, click the link.

Wilderness Shop.png

Included in the shop are 2 new pets:

Revenat Dragon.gif

Revenant Dragon - 15% drop rate

Revenat Ork.gif

Revenant Ork - 15% double drop rate