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Scrooge McDuck (::db2) Spawns when $500 is donated to the server and announces in chat box when there is 5 minutes left until boss spawns.

Requirements: The requirements to kill this boss are is you must donate $30 for one week access or $100 for one month of access.

Possible Drops
Item Quantity Rarity
Mega Lottery Box.png Mega Lottery Box 1 Always
2x Damage Card.png 2x Damage Card 1 Always
10% Drop Rate Card.png 10% Drop Rate Card 1 Always
High-Grade Enchantment Stone.png High-Grade Enchantment Stone 1 Common
Royal Mystery Box.png Royal Mystery Box 1 Common
Donator Tabs.png Donator Tabs 3 Common
Mega Lottery Box.png Mega Lottery Box 1 Common
1 Day Elo Card.png 1 Day Elo Card 1 Common
Devious Set.png Devious Set 1 Common
Crystal Set.png Crystal Set 1 Common
Blue Anniversary Stone.png Blue Anniversary Stone 1 Common
Yellow Anniversary Stone.png Yellow Anniversary Stone 1 Common
Green Anniversary Stone.png Green Anniversary Stone 1 Common
Cyan Anniversary Stone.png Cyan Anniversary Stone 1 Common
Pink Anniversary Stone.png Pink Anniversary Stone 1 Common
Purple Anniversary Stone.png Purple Anniversary Stone 1 Common
Kismet Box.png Kismet Box 1 Common
Star Box.png Star Box 1 Common
3 Day Elo Card.png 3 Day Elo Card 1 Common
Perfect Enchantment Stone.png Perfect Enchantment Stone 1 Common
Upgrade Protection Card.png Upgrade Protection Card 1 Common
Achievement Task Skip.png Achievement Task Skip 1 Purple Anniversary Stone
Diamond Bag.png Diamond Bag 1 Common
Black Diamond Box.png Black Diamond Box 1 Common
6th Anniversary Box.png 6th Anniversary Box 1 Common
Royal Luxe Box.png Royal Luxe Box 1 Common
Super Star Box.png Super Star Box 1 Common
Shadow Pet Goodiebox.png Shadow Pet Goodiebox 1 Common
Executive Totem Goodiebox.png Executive Totem Goodiebox 1 Common
Seasonal Goodiebox (5).png Seasonal Goodiebox (5) 1 Rare
Baby Yoda Goodiebox.png Baby Yoda Goodiebox 1 Common
Potion of Aggression.png Potion of Aggression 1 Common
7 Day Elo Card.png 7 Day Elo Card 1 Common
Donator Tabs.png Donator Tabs 8-25 Common
Emperor's Ring.png Emperor`s Ring 1 Rare
Emperor`s Necklace.png Emperor`s Necklace 1 Rare
Poseidon Set.png Poseidon Set 1 Rare
Mandalorian Leather Set.png Mandalorian Leather Set 1 Rare
Sponsor Ticket.png Sponsor Ticket 1 Rare
Weapon Battle Pass.png Weapon Battle Pass 1 Rare
Donator Tabs.png Donator Tabs 26-49 Rare
Descimator9000.png Descimator9000 1 Rare
Descimator9000 Offhand.png Descimator9000 Offhand 1 Rare
Baby Yoda Pet.png Baby Yoda Pet 1 Rare
Shadow Pet.png Shadow Pet 1 Rare
Infinity Aura.png Infinity Aura 1 Rare
Donator Tabs.png Donator Tabs 50-175 Rare
Donator Tabs.png Donator Tabs 500 Rare