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Sponsor zone.png

To access the Sponzor zone ingame, use the command ::sponsorzone or ::ownercape With your Ownercape you have the ability to 1-hit almost any NPC.

Donator Rank Cost Cost Alternative 1 Cost Alternative 2
Sponsor Sponsor Ticket ($200) Upgrading Extreme Donator.pngExtreme Donator Ticket Owner Cape Owner cape.png ($275) gives sponsor rank.
Sponsor Benefit: Drop Rate Boost Sponsor Benefit: Luck Boost Sponsor Benefit: Damage Boost Sponsor Benefit: Arcade Boost Sponsor Benefit: Daily Reward (Master Sponsor)
5% 5% 20% Tribrid 1.5x Arcade Tokens Random Reward (DS coins, Super Mbox etc.)
Owner Cape Stats.png

All bosses reward 1 sponsor point per kill

Bosses (Best to Worst)
Olaf Set.png
The Necromancer.png
Chaos Elemental.png
Chaos elemental
Magegray Pet.png
Wizard Grayzag
Shadow King.png
Shadow King
Mini Barrelchest (Morph).png
Mini Titan (Morph).png
Mini Bosses
Venenatis Egg.png
Scorpia Boss.png
King Dreamer.png
King dreamer

Velrak the explorer.png
Velkrak the explorer has 4 options for obtaining clue scrolls. Each penguin has an adaptation to a new and better reward.

Trinity master.png
The Trinity Master is a minigame where you fight 3 different bosses. In each fight, a player must switch between combat styles in order to be victorious! Rewards include Crystal, Devious, Emperor and more!

The trinity chest can be found at the Sponsor Zone.

::God ::Fall ::Dab
Oc god.gif
Oc fall.gif
Oc dab.png

Sponsor Point Shop.png

Talk to the King of Sponsors.pngKing of Sponsors (King Roald) to access the Sponsor only Point Shop. Here you will find a bunch of random and Rare items.

Protein shop.png
Talk to Beefy Bill.png Beefy Bill to access the Sponsor only protein shop.

Every day you can do daily Tasks as a Sponsor, For every task you complete you get one point.  Each task can be different from each day, the task you can get is:

  • Hunter
  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Fishing

King of Sponsors.png
By speaking with the King of Sponsors, players can unlock an "instance" sponzor zone for 1000M DS coins or 1M Sponsor Points. This means, that everytime you would teleport to Sponzor zone, you would be the only player there giving you an advantage of having all Bosses to yourself.