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The Theatre of Blood is a large arena located using the Raids teleport "Theatre of Blood"

There is also a Verzik's crystal shard that can teleport you instantly to the raid.


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The Theatre of Blood is a linear raid. Thus, there is no randomization involved, and the bosses will always be encountered in this order.

  1. The Maiden of Sugadinti (level-940)
  2. Pestilent Bloat (level-870)
  3. Nylocas Vasilias (level-800)
  4. Sotetseg (level-995)
  5. Xarpus (level-960)
  6. Verzik Vitur (level-1040, final boss)

Death within the Theatre

If players die within the theatre, they are placed outside the fighting area, and can only proceed if other team members succeed in completing the current challenge. If the entire team is killed, players will lose all progress and would be kicked out of the raid to try again.

All normal forms of teleportation within the Theatre are blocked; however, the Mysterious Stranger outside sells Verzik's crystal shards for 0 coins each, and is the only item players can use to teleport away from the Theatre safely.


Verzik Vitur's treasure vault.

Upon defeating Verzik Vitur, a trapdoor will open under her throne, leading to her treasure vault.

There is a chest that all players will loot from, click the chest and receive your loot from the raid!

A monumental chest, with the arrow denoting the player's chest.


With the bosses not being hard themselves, there are mechanics to the raid that can be deadly.


Item Quantity Rarity
Gold DS Coin.png Gold DS Coin 1-5 Common
Tactical Box.png Tactical Box 1 Common
Lottery Box.png Lottery Box 1 Common
Enchantment Stone.png Enchantment Stone 1 Common
Ak-47 Asiimov.png Ak-47 Asiimov 1 Common
Khione's Staff.png Khione's Staff 1 Common
Golden Minigun.png Golden Minigun 1 Common
Box of Wisdom.png Box of Wisdom 1 1-200
Kismet Box.png Kismet Box 1 1-200
Avery's Ring (i).png Avery's Ring (i) 1 1-200
Ultra Pet Box.png Ultra Pet Box 1 1-200
Mega Lottery Box.png Mega Lottery Box 1 1-200
High-Grade Enchantment Stone.png High-Grade Enchantment Stone 1 1-200
Gold DS Coin.png Gold DS Coin 20-40 1-200
Black Diamond Box.png Black Diamond Box 1 1-400
Diamond Bag.png Diamond Bag 1 1-400
BFG9000.png BFG9000 1 1-400
BFG9000 Offhand.png BFG9000 Offhand 1 1-400
Perfect Enchantment Stone.png Perfect Enchantment Stone 1 1-400
Scroll of Blood.png Scroll of Blood 1 1-400
Gold DS Coin.png Gold DS Coin 50-100 1-400
Lil zik.png Lil zik 1 1-400
Avernic Defender.png Avernic Defender 1 1-1300
Scythe of vitur.png Scythe of vitur 1 1-1300
Sanguinesti Staff.png Sanguinesti staff 1 1-1300
Justiciar faceguard.png Justiciar faceguard 1 1-1300
Justiciar chestguard.png Justiciar chestguard 1 1-1300
Justiciar legguards.png Justiciar legguards 1 1-1300
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