Redemption RSPS Wiki
Train teleport.png
The Training teleport can be accessed using the ingame command ::train

Players can now do training tasks to receive extra points. The number of NPC's to kill can vary from 10-50 kills. Upon completion of the task the player will receive 5 extra training points.

Train Shop New.png
Trainee Shop
Item Price
Super Mystery Box 15 Points
Ultra Mystery Box 25 Points
Pet Mystery Box 25 Points
Trix helmet 50 Points
Trix PlateBody 50 Points
Trix PlateLegs 50 Points
Blizzard Virtus Mask 100 Points
Blizzard Virtus Top 100 Points
Blizzard Virtus Legs 100 Points
Blizzard Shield 100 Points
Blizzard Staff 150 Points
Infernal Hat 175 Points
Infernal Top 175 Points
Infernal Bottoms 175 Points
Infernal Kiteshield 175 Points
Infernal Gloves 175 Points
Infernal Boots 175 Points
Crystal Helm 250 Points
Crystal PlateBody 250 Points
Crystal PlateLegs 250 Points
Eternal Crystal Helm 350 Points
Eternal Crystal PlateBody 350 Points
Eternal Crystal PlateLegs 350 Points
American Pernix Cowl 50 Points
American Pernix Body 50 Points
American Pernix Chaps 50 Points
Devious Helm 500 Points
Devious PlateBody 500 Points
Devious PlateLegs 500 Points
Oblivion Scythe 15 Points
Frostbite Staff 25 Points
Soulflare (X) 75 Points
Khione's Staff 150 Points
Eternal Khione's Staff 250 Points
Minigun 25 Points
Golden Minigun 50 Points
M4A4 Asiimov 125 Points
AK-47 asiimov 250 Points
Aqua Spirit Shield 200 Points
White Glass Wings 15 Points
Blue Death Cape 75 Points
Groudon Pet 100 Points
Necromancer jr 200 Points
Diablo jr 400 Points
Ring Of Wealth (i) 75 Points
Avery's Ring 200 Points
Collector's Necklace 300 Points