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The Vote boss is summoned every time 100 Votes are claimed, which takes around 34 players each time.
As Players can only vote twice a day makes the vote boss's spawns pretty rare, which is why the loot is decent!
Note: Out of all the participators, 25 RANDOM hitters get loot from the Vote Boss !

What are the stages of the boss? There are 3 stages of the boss
Stage 1: The boss has 25M health, reduce it to 0 for the next stage.
Stage 2: 5-6 Minions spawn out of the corners
Stage 3: The boss his health is renewed to 25M health.

What can somebody obtain from the Vote Boss?

Possible Drops
Item Quantity Rarity
Vote Box.png Vote Box 1 Common
Event Box.png Event Box 1 Common
Gold DS Coin.png Gold DS Coin 1 Common
Golden Minigun.png Golden Minigun 1 Common
Vote Ticket.png Vote Ticket 3 Common
Ak-47 Asiimov.png Ak-47 Asiimov 1 1-100
Eternal Khione's Staff.png Eternal Khione's Staff 1 1-100
Gold DS Coin.png Gold DS Coin 20 1-200
Crystal Set.png Crystal Set 1 1-200
Devious Set.png Devious Set 1 1-200
2x Damage Card.png 2x Damage Card 2 1-200
File:Descimator Goodiebox.png Descimator Goodiebox 1 1-200
Executive Totem Goodiebox.png Executive Totem Goodiebox 1 1-200
Seasonal Goodiebox.png Seasonal Goodiebox 1 1-500
Kismet Box.png Kismet Box 1 1-500
2k19 Box.png 2k19 Box 1 1-500
2k20 Box.png 2k20 Box 1 1-500
Royal Mystery Box.png Royal Mystery Box 1 1-500
Gold DS Coin.png Gold DS Coin 150 1-500
Perfect Enchantment Stone.png Perfect Enchantment Stone 1 1-500
Potion of Aggression.png Potion of Aggression 1 1-2500
Extreme Donator Ticket.png Extreme Donator Ticket 1 1-2500
Lava Sorrow Hat.png Lava Sorrow Hat 1 1-2500
Lava Sorrow Top.png Lava Sorrow Top 1 1-2500
Lava Sorrow Bottom.png Lava Sorrow Bottom 1 1-2500
Infernal Primordials.png Infernal Primordials 1 1-2500
King Gio Pet.png King Gio Pet 1 1-2500
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